Jim Harbaugh earns 2nd interview with Los Angeles Chargers

Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh earns 2nd interview with yet another NFL team.

Jim Harbaugh earns 2nd interview with Los Angeles Chargers

According to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has landed a second interview with the Los Angeles Chargers. Reports have also indicated that Harbaugh also has a second interview lined up with the Atlanta Falcons.

Jim Harbaugh addresses cheating scandal Jim Harbaugh earns 2nd interview

Why it Matters

The Los Angeles Chargers’ decision to conduct a second interview with Jim Harbaugh signals a significant development in their search for a new head coach. Harbaugh’s history as a former NFL quarterback and his notable coaching tenure, both in the NFL and at Michigan, make him a prominent figure in the ongoing search. This move by the Chargers is particularly noteworthy as they seek a fresh start following the recent dismissals of their coach and general manager.

Harbaugh’s previous NFL experience, which includes coaching the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance, coupled with his successful stint at Michigan, where he revitalized the football program, positions him as a strong contender for the Chargers' head coach role. His potential hiring would mark a significant shift for the franchise, aiming to capitalize on his track record of team-building and player development.

The fact that the Chargers have opted for a second interview with Harbaugh, amid their extensive search involving numerous candidates, underscores the seriousness of their interest. It’s also indicative of Harbaugh's appeal and the competitive nature of the current coaching market, with the Atlanta Falcons also scheduling a second interview. The Chargers' move could catalyze a major change in their organizational structure and strategy going forward.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jim Harbaugh is set for a second interview with the Los Angeles Chargers for their head coach position.
  2. Harbaugh's NFL experience, including a Super Bowl appearance with the 49ers, makes him a strong candidate.
  3. The Chargers’ extensive search reflects their commitment to significant changes in their coaching staff.
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The Bottom Line – A New Era on the Horizon?

Jim Harbaugh's second interview with the Los Angeles Chargers marks a pivotal moment in the team's journey toward a new era. Harbaugh's extensive experience and successful coaching history make him an attractive candidate, capable of ushering in a transformative phase for the Chargers. This development could potentially alter the landscape of NFL coaching hires, setting a precedent for future selections. That said, the question remains: Will Harbaugh leave Michigan to return to the NFL, or is his heart in Ann Arbor?

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