Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Football gets rave review from anonymous Big Ten coach

It almost sounds like this dude wants a job with Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Football team!

Lindy's College Football Magazine has recently featured anonymous quotes from opposing coaches about each team. Notably, an assistant coach shared their thoughts on Jim Harbaugh and Michigan Football, commending the Wolverines for their impressive performance in the 2022 season and expressing high expectations for the team's future.

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Praise for Michigan's Achievements

The coach acknowledged Michigan's accomplishments, including a 13-1 record, a second consecutive Big Ten title, and a College Football Playoff appearance. While acknowledging the team's success, the coach also expressed regret that Michigan fell short against TCU, noting that a championship is the only missing piece in Harbaugh's impressive resume.

“What an incredible run by the Wolverines,” the coach said of the Wolverines' 2022 season. “It’s a shame (Jim) Harbaugh couldn’t get past TCU. A championship is the one thing his resume lacks; it’s hard to envision them having a better path than that. But maybe they would have got stomped by Georgia, too.”

“JJ (McCarthy) flashed enough to show me that he has staying power,” they said. “Look out for Colston Loveland who is primed for a big year. With (Luke) Schoonmaker off to the NFL, that opens the door for him to be more of a focal point; he’s a good one!”

“The kid Colson on defense is a ball-hawk; he’s the heart and soul. Everyone should know his story too. He was living in an orphanage in Haiti when an earthquake led him to America … next stop, the NFL.”

“Harbaugh has made Michigan the king of the Big Ten, has his foot on the neck of Ohio State, and has established this program as an annual playoff contender,” wrote Lindy’s. “Life is good in Ann Arbor. What remains is for him to achieve the one thing that eluded Bo: A national championship.”

Key Points

  • Anonymous assistant coach praises Michigan's impressive run in the 2022 season.
  • Regret expressed over the team's inability to secure a championship.
  • Quarterback JJ McCarthy and wide receiver Colston Loveland garner attention for their potential.
  • Junior Colson recognized as a standout defensive player with an inspiring background.
  • Lindy's Magazine ranks Michigan second in preseason rankings and predicts a third straight Big Ten championship.
  • Individual accolades predicted for McCarthy and several Wolverines.
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The Bottom Line – A Quest for Greatness

Michigan Football's rise to prominence within the Big Ten conference, coupled with Jim Harbaugh's leadership, has positioned the program as a perennial contender. The praise and expectations bestowed upon the Wolverines signify the team's continued growth and the pursuit of a national championship—a crowning achievement that has eluded the program for decades. As Michigan embarks on the 2023 season, the challenge lies in translating these accolades and aspirations into on-field success, striving to fulfill the ultimate goal of securing a national title.


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