Jim Harbaugh predicts Michigan Football will shatter Georgia’s record

There is no question about it, Jim Harbaugh loves his 2023 Michigan Football squad!

The Michigan Football team and their dynamic head coach Jim Harbaugh have started to consistently flex their muscles in college football, punctuated by consecutive playoff appearances. Now, Harbaugh aims higher: to not only break but demolish Georgia's NFL draft record. He confidently claimed that Michigan could see as many as 20 of their players picked in the next NFL Draft.

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Jim Harbaugh predicts Michigan will shatter record

Jim Harbaugh Michigan Football

Such a prediction for the single-draft class would be exceptional and could signify a stellar 2023 season for the Wolverines. Given the 2021 Georgia squad's lauded status in college football history, they had 15 players drafted following the 2021 season, Michigan might just be on the cusp of a similar narrative if Harbaugh's forecast pans out. Michigan's current record was set in 2017 with 11 players selected in a single draft class.

However, the accuracy of Harbaugh's statement remains in the realm of speculation, as the upcoming season has yet to unfold and it remains uncertain which players will declare themselves draft-eligible. Regardless, Harbaugh seems to be betting big on the 2023 season.

Key Points

  • Georgia Bulldogs holds the current record with 15 players drafted in a single class.
  • Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines head coach, predicts they could have 20 players drafted next.
  • Michigan's current record is 11 players drafted in a single class, set in 2017.
  • The accuracy of Harbaugh's statement is uncertain as the season hasn't started yet.

The Bottom Line – A Bold Prediction

Harbaugh's bold forecast sets a high bar for the Wolverines in the 2023 season. If it pans out, it will shatter existing records and cement Michigan's position as a top producer of NFL talent. But even more than that, it will signify a new era of dominance in college football. The stakes are high, and the world is watching. It's time to see if the Wolverines can rise to the challenge.


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