Joey Wentz knows he’s one start away from ‘getting in groove’ for Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers SP Joey Wentz sounded defeated following his latest start but he know he's just one game away from flipping the switch.

Detroit Tigers SP Joey Wentz is set to start in the upcoming game against the Texas Rangers at Comerica Park. Despite his struggles this season, with a 7.80 ERA in 10 starts, Wentz remains optimistic. He acknowledges his poor performance but believes that one exceptional outing can put him back on track. The Tigers, lacking depth in their starting pitching rotation, have chosen to support Wentz rather than sending him down to Triple-A Toledo. Building his confidence is the team's primary focus before his next start.

Joey Wentz Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Joey Wentz, Detroit Tigers pitcher, aims to bounce back from a challenging season.
  • Despite his struggles, Wentz maintains a positive attitude and believes one outstanding outing can change his fortunes.
  • The Tigers have chosen to support Wentz and focus on boosting his confidence rather than demoting him.
  • Consistently finding the strike zone is crucial for Wentz, even amid recent difficulties with his fastball.
  • Wentz appreciates the guidance from his teammates and hopes to find solutions to his challenges in the big leagues.

Joey Wentz knows he's one start away from ‘getting in groove'

On Monday, Wentz spoke to reporters about staying positive and about how he is just one good start away from getting in the groove.

“It's not going to do me any good to be down, so I try to keep optimistic about it,” Wentz said. “I'm a realist. I don't think anyone's harder on myself than me. I'm not naive. I know I'm not pitching well. But certainly, I think you're always a good outing away from getting back in a groove.”

Tigers manager A.J. Hinch agrees with Wentz about staying optimistic going into his next start.

“I think Joey has got to clear his mind and go into his start as optimistic as he can given the struggles that he's had,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said. “His best is good enough. We're just trying to support him to make sure he knows. One thing he can't do is avoid the strike zone. He's going to have to continue to pound the strike zone, even though his fastball has gotten hit the last couple outings.”

Bottom Line: Wentz's uphill battle for success

Wentz's journey reflects the challenges faced by athletes in their quest for success. Despite a difficult season, Wentz's determination to improve and his team's unwavering support exemplifies the resilience required in professional sports. His struggles serve as a reminder that setbacks are a natural part of any career, and the ability to maintain a positive mindset is crucial to overcome adversity. The Tigers' decision to invest in Wentz's development demonstrates their commitment to fostering talent and their belief in his potential. As Wentz takes the mound, all eyes will be on his performance, highlighting the pressure athletes face and the constant pursuit of improvement.

  1. Sub-header: The Bottom Line – A chance for redemption.Joey Wentz's upcoming start presents a pivotal moment in his career. With unwavering determination and the support of his team, he strives to overcome his struggles and return to peak performance. Wentz's journey is a testament to the resilience and perseverance required to succeed in professional sports. As fans and observers, we eagerly anticipate his performance, hoping that he can rise to the occasion and find his groove once again. In the end, it is the determination to bounce back from adversity that defines the true champions in any field.