JUST IN: Christmas message from Matt Millen

According to reports, former Detroit Lions general manager Matt Millen has had a successful heart transplant surgery and is recovering.

On Christmas night, Lions’ writer Mike O’Hara passed along a message from Millen that says it all.

“God is great. Merry Christmas.”

According to Millen’s son, they are all very happy that the wait for the transplant is over and they are grateful.

From WFMZ:

“We’ve been waiting and we’re just very thankful that it finally came,” said Millen’s son, Matthew H. Millen.

After three long months in the hospital, the Whitehall and Penn State grad got a heart transplant Monday morning. Millen’s son calls it a Christmas Eve miracle but one that comes with mixed emotions knowing someone lost his life to give his father another chance at it.

“That person’s passing has given my dad life and so very fitting when we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus,” said Matthew H. Millen.

Millen is 60 years old. He was diagnosed a few years ago with a rare disease called amyloidoisis which attacked the lining of his heart. Millen’s son says it’s been a tough battle, but his dad can take a hit. He won four Super Bowls during his 12-year-career in the NFL and off the field he beat his disease, coming out of surgery like a pro.

“The doctors reported that it was a wild success, he feels good and the doctor said the heart is pumping and doing everything it’s supposed to,” Matthew H. Millen.

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Written by Don Drysdale

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