Latest report suggests Detroit Lions will have to settle in 2022 NFL Draft

As the 2022 NFL Draft quickly approaches, more and more people are beginning to agree with the thought that the Detroit Lions‘ best case scenario at No. 2 would be to trade down.

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Well, according to the latest report from Adam Schefter, the Lions are going to have a tough time trading down as there are multiple teams who are trying to trade down but not many teams trying to trade up.

“Within the past week, as the draft has drawn closer, multiple teams in the top half of the draft have inquired with others to try to trade back in the first round, per sources. So far, the interest in moving back in Thursday’s draft has greatly exceeded the interest in moving up.”

In my opinion, it would be great if the Lions can trade out of the No. 2 slot but without much (if any) elite talent at the top of the draft, that will be tough to do unless a team gets desperate.

When it comes down to it, the Lions may have to settle for whichever player is at the top of their board when they are on the clock.

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NFL Draft Betting: What Is Malik Willis’ Most Likely Landing Spot?

The NFL Draft draws near, and the next generation of NFL talent is about to find their first NFL team.

To add to the excitement, we have no real shortage of NFL Draft betting opportunities at FanDuel Sportsbook.

The one I’m keying on here is the landing spot for Liberty Flames quarterback Malik Willis. Here are the odds for each team to draft Willis as well as the team distribution we see over the 100 most recent mock drafts for Willis, according to NFL Mock Draft Database.

Team to DraftMalik Willis Past 100 Mocks FanDuel Sportsbook Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers 22.0% +200
New Orleans Saints 11.0% +350
Carolina Panthers 22.0% +400
Atlanta Falcons 19.0% +600
Detroit Lions 12.0% +900
Seattle Seahawks 10.0% +1000
Washington Commanders 2.0% +2000
New York Giants 1.0% +2000
Houston Texans 1.0% +3000
Indianapolis Colts 0.0% +3000
Philadelphia Eagles 0.0% +3000
Minnesota Vikings 0.0% +5000

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