Lou Holtz slams Michigan Football over sign-stealing scandal

Lou Holtz slams Michigan Football over sign-stealing scandal.

In the wake of their sign-stealing scandal, longtime college head coach Lou Holtz slams Michigan Football

Michigan Football remains embroiled in a highly controversial saga, concerning their purported sign-stealing scandal. This controversy took an even more intriguing turn when photographs surfaced, seemingly depicting the suspended staffer, Connor Stalions, having gained unauthorized access to the Central Michigan sidelines for the purpose of scouting their game against the Michigan State Spartans. And now,  longtime college football coach Lou Holtz has reacted to the controversy by calling it “deplorable”.

Lou Holtz slams Michigan Football

Staffer Connor Stalions has been suspended by Michigan

Stalions, who allegedly purchased tickets to 30 games at 11 Big Ten schools, and for a handful of other games involving potential Michigan opponents to be able to scout their sidelines, was suspended with pay by Michigan last week after more details of the scandal emerged.

Lou Holtz slams Michigan Football in the wake of the controversy

Renowned former college head coach, Lou Holtz, openly admitted to scouting future opponents in the past. However, it's worth noting that this practice was altered following the implementation of NCAA rules prohibiting such activities.

“I find it deplorable about what the rumors are going around,” Holtz said. “I've been coaching a long time… when I first started out I used to be a scout, I would go scout the other team.”

Holtz emphasized his commitment to leveraging any advantage permissible within the established rules. Nevertheless, he strongly asserted that Michigan has crossed a line by violating these regulations.

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“Then they said no scouting, you can't go… so there hasn't been any scouting for years. I'm all for any advantage you can get legally,” Holtz said.

“There's a video on different channels, where it would show the Michigan players looking at the Ohio State bench, and then they all turn once they get the signals. So I just think it's deplorable and I think it's bad. I think they should definitely get to the bottom of it before they decide who's going to play for the national championship.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football remains entangled in its sign-stealing controversy, with the central figure, Connor Stalions, currently under suspension with pay.
  2. Veteran college football head coach, Lou Holtz, has strongly denounced the scandal, labeling it as “deplorable.”
  3. Holtz maintains that swift action should be taken before Michigan potentially gets the opportunity to compete for a national title.

Bottom Line: Will action be taken?

Holtz is far from alone in his call for action against Michigan. His stance has found support from numerous current head coaches, as well as fans and analysts who firmly believe that the situation warrants severe repercussions.

The actions that will ultimately be taken against the Wolverines for their sign-stealing scandal remain to be seen.

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