Louis Riddick predicts major NFL award in Jahmyr Gibb’s future

ESPN's Louis Riddick predicts major NFL award could be in the future of Jahmyr Gibbs!

ESPN's Louis Riddick predicts major NFL award could be in the future of Jahmyr Gibbs!

Running back Jahmyr Gibbs, despite being a rookie in his inaugural NFL season with the Detroit Lions, has showcased impressive skills, proving he can compete at an elite level. ESPN analyst Louis Riddick believes Gibbs will soon be in contention for the NFL MVP award due to his outstanding performances, highlighting his impact on the field, despite his early tenure in the league.

Louis Riddick predicts major NFL award

Jahmyr Gibbs has enjoyed an impressive rookie campaign

Expectations were rightfully elevated for Gibbs, being a first-round pick from Alabama in the 2023 NFL Draft. He's certainly lived up to the anticipation. In his initial 12 NFL games, Gibbs has been impressive, accumulating 792 yards on 139 carries, contributing seven touchdowns, and maintaining an impressive average of 5.7 yards per carry. His performance has been commendable and speaks volumes about his impact on the field.

Louis Riddick predicts major NFL award could be in Gibb's future

Notably, former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Louis Riddick sees Gibbs as a potential contender for the NFL MVP, especially among non-quarterbacks. This recognition speaks volumes about Gibbs' impact and the remarkable level of play he's exhibited, elevating his status as a standout performer in the league.

He wrote the following on his X (formerly Twitter) account over the weekend of his opinion regarding Gibbs:

“Jahmyr Gibbs gonna be a leading #MVP candidate in 2024 if you want to include non QB’s in the discussion. He has every skill you could possibly want in a RB for today’s game.”

Louis Riddick predicts major NFL award,Jahmyr Gibbs

The NFL MVP award has predominantly been dominated by quarterbacks, with only a few exceptions in recent years.

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Since the 1999 season, only four running backs have made up all non-quarterback recipients of the award. Adrian Peterson in the 2012 NFL season was the most recent running back to receive the MVP honor, highlighting the rarity of non-quarterbacks winning this prestigious award.

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  1. It's intriguing that Louis Riddick, an ESPN analyst and former NFL player, sees potential in Jahmyr Gibbs to contend for the NFL MVP Award.
  2. This forecast is particularly significant given the rarity of non-quarterbacks receiving this accolade. Adrian Peterson was the last non-quarterback to win the NFL MVP in the 2012 season
  3. There have only been four non-quarterback recipients since 1999, showcasing the challenge for players outside the quarterback position to claim this esteemed award.

Bottom Line: The sky is the limit for Jahmyr Gibbs

It's impressive to see Jahmyr Gibbs contributing significantly to the Detroit Lions' pursuit of their first division title in several decades. His impactful performance in the recent victory over the Denver Broncos at Ford Field—rushing for 100 yards with a touchdown and adding another score—underscored his value to the team's success.

The upcoming clash against division rivals, the Minnesota Vikings, this Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, holds substantial importance. A win for the Lions would mark their 11th victory in the 2023 season and would clinch the NFC North division crown. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:00 PM EST.