Matt Manning after first outing back: ‘I’ll take those results every time’

Matt Manning returned to the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday night, and though his team lost, he was happy with his results.

In a much-anticipated return to the mound, Matt Manning provided a much-needed boost to the injury-riddled starting rotation of the Detroit Tigers. Despite the team ultimately falling short of the Texas Rangers in an 8-3 defeat, Manning's solid outing showcased his determination and potential for future success. Following his outing, Manning said that he will “take those results every time.”

Matt Manning Detroit Tigers

Matt Manning talks about first outing since coming off IL

Following the loss, Manning spoke to reporters and he talked about his first outing since coming off the injured list.

“It was like that all night — I had great stuff, I'd lose it and then get it back,” Manning said. “Just a little bit of inconsistency. But against a good lineup like that, I'll take those results every time.”

“It was the first time I'd gone five innings in about 10 weeks,” Manning said. “But I felt good that he let me go out there (for the sixth). I just wasn't able to get on those hitters quick enough in the sixth.”

“I had pretty good velo the whole time,” he said. “Just trying to get those bullets more consistent. But when the situation matches the emotion of it all and I was getting to the end of my outing, it was just let it eat and leave it all on the field.”

“I really wanted to finish that sixth and maybe go one more for the bullpen,” Manning said.

AJ Hinch expresses his satisfaction with Manning

Manager AJ Hinch expressed his satisfaction with Manning's performance, emphasizing the positive aspects while acknowledging room for growth. The return of the talented young pitcher brings hope to the Tigers and adds depth to their pitching staff.

“Glad to have him back,” manager AJ Hinch said. “Lot of good and a lot for him to build on, as well.”

“There was some good and some bad,” Hinch said. “He still sprayed the ball quite a bit. But he stayed in it and hung in the best he could.”

Matt Manning Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Matt Manning's comeback appearance after recovering from a foot injury injected new energy into the Tigers' starting rotation.
  • Manning expressed satisfaction with his performance, highlighting the importance of positive results against a formidable opponent like the Rangers.
  • The outing marked Manning's first start in approximately ten weeks, making his ability to pitch deep into the game a noteworthy achievement.
  • Manager AJ Hinch acknowledged the mixed nature of Manning's performance, noting both the positive aspects and areas for improvement.

Bottom Line – A Glimpse of Manning's Promising Future

Matt Manning's comeback performance is a breath of fresh air for the Detroit Tigers and their fans. We've been eagerly waiting to see what this young pitcher can bring to the table, and he had a decent outing against the highest-scoring team in baseball While there were a few areas where he could improve, Manning's ability to hold his own against a tough lineup is a testament to his talent and resilience.


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