Max Clark thrilled after being drafted by Detroit Tigers

Max Clark was clearly excited after being selected by the Detroit Tigers.

Max Clark was named the Detroit Tigers‘ selection in Round 1 of the MLB Draft in in what was seen as a surprising move to many.

Max Clark,Detroit Tigers

Several Detroit Tigers fans panned the selection

There was plenty of negative reaction from the Tigers fan base following the selection, with some particularly negative feedback against Scott Harris for taking such a young player who likely won't be playing at the MLB level any time soon.

Max Clark himself is still living the ‘high' of the pick

But there's nothing that can bring Clark down from his natural high right now. He was flashing a big smile after his selection by the Tigers, and he was clearly excited.

“I just had a call with the Tigers (Saturday) and it went really, really well,” Clark said shortly after being selected by Detroit. “I was face-to-face with the GM (Scott Harris, Tigers director of baseball operations), so we just have this really good connection, spoke about stuff man-to-man.

“It was fantastic. It’s such a blessing. I’m still living the high right now. It’s unreal.“

And despite being a high schooler, Clark is already sounding like a veteran.

I want to be the guy who can change a clubhouse, be the guy that's playing 110% every single day, having an absolute blast doing it, encouraging others to play as hard as they can and have as much fun as they can at the same time,” he said.” That's what we want to do.”

We had a ton of great conversations leading up, from February to July 9, but it was up until those last 10 minutes that I genuinely did not know. But getting that phone call was one of the coolest moments of my life.”

Key Points

  • The Detroit Tigers selected Max Clark with the 3rd pick in the MLB Draft
  • Plenty of Tigers fans offered negative reactions to the pick
  • Clark himself is still enjoying the ‘high' of being drafted by the Tigers

Bottom Line

In the professional sports world, having naysayers is just a part of the game and something that every professional athlete has had to deal with at one point or another.

We hope that Clark doesn't take any of the negative fan reactions to heart, and can quickly force those fans to change their minds about him!


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