Michigan Football ‘Beat Ohio’ Drill is straight out of the movie ‘300’

Michigan Football 'Beat Ohio' Drill is straight out of the movie '300'.

Michigan Football ‘Beat Ohio' Drill is straight out of the movie ‘300'

In recent years, the University of Michigan football team has transformed its approach to training, especially when it comes to preparing for major rivals like Ohio State. The introduction of the “Beat Ohio Drill” under head coach Jim Harbaugh marks a significant shift in training methodology, emphasizing extreme physicality and mental toughness. This drill, which initially focused on Ohio State, has now evolved to include preparations for other formidable opponents like Georgia and, this year, Alabama.

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What they are Saying

Offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore‘s insights reveal a deliberate change in the drill's intensity, making it a live tackle exercise for enhanced safety and effectiveness.

“Everybody does 9 on 7, but I think the big piece for us was making it live tackle,” Said Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore. “It was a big decision — actually you find from a safety standpoint it's actually better than doing what people call the thud just because you have less injuries. People know they are going to tackle, they are going to run harder, they're not going to be hesitant. Guys are going to be more physical at the point of attack.

“It's a lot of pads popping, a lot of noise, loud music, a lot of violence. Sometimes there's people on the ground; sometimes there's not. But it's physicality at its finest, and the players love it, the coaches love it, and I think it's kind of molded us and built us to what we've been the past couple years and what we need to be going forward.”

Senior offensive guard Trevor Keegan’s comparison of the drill to scenes from the movie ‘300' – characterized by raw physicality and aggression – highlights the drill's intensity and its impact on the team's success.

“It's a physical period,” Keegan said. “It's really not as much about technique. It's about beating the man in front of you. I feel like that has been a culmination of where our toughness came from.

“Those periods, it's damn near not even football. It's smashmouth. It's my guy in front of me isn't tackling the ball carrier. It's really cool. I feel like it's a huge thing for our success. I remember our first beat Ohio drill in spring ball 2021. It was like I couldn't even describe to you. It was like Battle 300 or something, like Sparta. I'm telling you it was insane.”

“I feel that's really trickled down. That drill has been a huge thing for our success.”

Michigan's adoption of this rigorous training regimen reflects a commitment to building a tougher, more resilient team capable of taking on the nation's best.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Intense Training Regimen: The University of Michigan football team, under Coach Jim Harbaugh, has implemented a highly intense and physically demanding training drill known as the “Beat Ohio Drill.”
  2. Emphasis on Physicality and Mental Toughness: The “Beat Ohio Drill” is characterized by its extreme physical nature, designed to foster mental toughness and resilience among the players. Senior offensive guard Trevor Keegan compares its intensity to the movie ‘300', emphasizing its role in building the team's smashmouth football style.
  3. Culture Shift and National Ambitions: The adoption and evolution of the “Beat Ohio Drill” signify a broader cultural shift within Michigan football, focusing on cultivating a warrior-like mentality and resilience.

The Bottom Line – A Blueprint for Success

The University of Michigan's adoption of the “Beat Ohio Drill” is a strategic move that has significantly contributed to the football team's recent success. This Spartan-like (Not those Spartans) training approach has not only prepared the Wolverines to face their traditional rivals but has also positioned them to challenge other elite teams in college football. As Michigan prepares to face Alabama, the effectiveness of this rigorous and physical training regimen will be put to the test. The “Beat Ohio Drill” has become a cornerstone of Michigan's football program, symbolizing their commitment to excellence and their readiness to compete at the highest level.


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