Michigan State Football unveils brand new Tom Izzo Football Building

The brand new Tom Izzo Football Building greeted Michigan State's players after today's opening practice.

Michigan State Football has gone all out in giving their players everything they could possibly need with their incredible new Tom Izzo Football Building, which one player referred to as looking like “a spaceship”.

Michigan State

Michigan State Football has gathered for training camp

The Spartans gathered in East Lansing for the first day of preseason camp earlier today, and were greeted by the brand new megadonor Mat Ishbia-funded facility. And while work is continuing on the $67.5 million building, it's a welcome addition for the Spartans players who were displaced from their facility last season.

The players are in awe of their new surroundings

“It looks like a spaceship,” sophomore defensive back Dillon Tatum said after Thursday's practice. “For real, though, it's sweet.”

And also among those who were in awe of the new facility included Izzo himself, Brandon Wright and Bai Jobe, and athletic director Alan Haller.

Michigan State

Key Points

  • The Spartans gathered for their first practice today
  • They also utilized the new Tom Izzo Football Building for the first time
  • The building is getting rave reviews

Bottom Line: The Spartans will be loving their new building!

When you give athletes everything they need to succeed, chances are they're going to perform better on the field.

The new facility for the Michigan State football team is nothing short of incredible and should go a long way in helping the Spartans success in 2023 and beyond.