Michigan Wolverines’ Run Of Iowa Was Impressive

Bass & AJ Reilly discuss Michigan Wolverines' triumphant road win at Iowa.

Wolverines Look Like Top Team

AJ: It's a big win and it's a big confidence boost for the Michigan Wolverines because they were playing probably the best defense they're gonna see until Ohio State and even maybe a better defense than Ohio State. And still were able to put up 27 points and still were able to get the ball moving on the ground.

JJ did enough to be, relevant and good for the game. And, our buddy Paul graded him out as like a B for the game cuz just the way that he was able to, there's still some alignment issues, all those other things that, will get cleaned up, but, I think people need to start taking some notice of Blake Corum a little bit cuz that dude can run the rock.

I mean, that move that he put on that, that all big 10 linebackers at the end of the game to score that final touchdown was. I was amazed. I saw a lot. I'm like, Oh my gosh, I can't believe you just did that. And then I saw the behind view and I was like, Whoa, I didn't even know, going that fast.

You could move that quick and make a guy miss that bad. And Michigan should come out of Iowa with all the confidence in the world saying we could beat anybody.

Matt: mean, what, what we've seen. As far as what Georgia did this week with South Carolina did not look impressive at all. Or sorry, no. NC State, I don't know. I can't remember which one Clemson played and which one Georgia played. 

AJ: It was Missouri

Matt: Okay. Georgia. Missouri, sorry. Yeah, but Georgia with Missouri

yeah, sorry. And, Clemson played NC State, with Georgia, what they did with Missouri and that Missouri was controlling that with their defense, and keeping Georgia, kind of on their heel. Georgia's beatable. This is not last year's Georgia team. Alabama is not unstoppable either this year.

There is no real, from what I've seen, just legit. Nobody's gonna beat this team kind of team this year. And so the Michigan Wolverines having these other games that, cuz you don't, you don't do anything. So Ohio State is at the end of the year, so there's plenty of time to continue to work on. 

For JJ and the offense, but JJ's abilities add another level to what your offense can be and make you even more dangerous that you should be thinking that you can play with anybody this year. I'll tell you the game I'm most nervous about though, it's four, four weeks from now when they travel to Rutgers. 

Matt: What you're afraid of, Greg Schiano?

AJ: No, I'm not afraid of Greg Schiano, but a big win at Iowa, Indiana this weekend at home against Penn State. Big game at home against Michigan State, and we know how bad Michigan State's defense has been, but they always seem to rise to the occasion against the Michigan Wolverines.

And then the following week you go to two Rutgers. I'm not saying I don't think that the Michigan Wolverines are going to lose that game, but I think it, does present a type of trap game. Like, look, the talent level's gonna win out. I'm not saying the Michigan Wolverines are going to lose that game to Rutgers. 

What I'm saying is, is that's a game that you need, to have circled on the schedule to say, Okay, we need to come ready to play that game because it could potentially be a big track.

AJ: I mean, I understand what you're saying, it could be some cause for concern. Next week we got Nebraska, who we don't believe is as bad as Scott Frost coached them to be. 

Matt: Stop it. Stop it. You're not losing to Nebraska. Stop it. you guys should be undefeated going into the Rutgers game.

AJ: I'm not saying that we're gonna lose either of these games. We should be a hundred percent. We should be, again, there's always that tendency to get trapped in a game, and we've seen it before. I'm not saying that it's going, I'm just saying that's a game that I have circled to say, okay, if there's ever going to be a letdown like they'll still win because their talent's gonna win.

But if there's ever gonna be a letdown, like that could be the game that I would look at and be like, Yeah, that makes sense. Penn State, Michigan State. And then at Rutgers. 

It's, it's just, you have to have a pretty good offense to put a scare into the Michigan Wolverines. And I don't think Rutgers has that good of an offense this year where they can put the scare in the Wolverines, Yes, you could make some mistakes, but I think, and because with, but your, in your past rush is the questionable part of Michigan.

As a whole this year with all the people you had to replace that went into the NFL. So I, but so that's where the worry would be. I just don't think Rutgers has the offense to put that scare to you guys, a Penn State. I understand because that you guys, there's just that battle. Ohio State to finish off the year is the game, but I'm just Right. I think you need something about the dynamic of offense to put a scare 

Yeah. I'm talking about it before he gets to the Ohio State game. Right. If you wanna get. Listen again, I gotta reiterate the fact that they're not going to lose the Rutgers, I'm just saying it's a game that you look at and go, It could make, like I, look, I'll be as bold to say the only way that the Michigan Wolverines loses before they get to Ohio State is by beating themselves and through mistakes that they make.

Yeah, that's, that's the only way, And the good thing is, y'all haven't done that. . We haven't, You played clean football, but like even Penn, like Penn State, I'll take Jim Harbaugh over James Franklin any day of the week, every day. Michigan State, like you, doesn't have the offensive firepower, I think to beat us.

And your defense we know is Swiss cheese. So like the fact that the Michigan Wolverines was able to run the ball as well as they did against Iowa means that your run defense at Michigan State does not scare me in the slightest. Right. JJ wants to throw the ball. We know that JJ will be able to throw the ball at will against Michigan State. I am not looking forward to the game this year for whatever reason. Michigan State always shows up against Michigan. 

Matt: Of course, it's their biggest rival. It's not your biggest rival. 

AJ: Yeah, it's their biggest rival. They're gonna spend a lot more energy. No, it's not. It's not, I, I don't know. I just, like the way they're playing.

I'm very confident in the way that they're playing. I'm glad that JJs the starter. I think that was the right decision. But it's funny to me because his stat lines don't look much different than what Cade's looks like last year. 

But yet Cade was getting ripped up and down. I mean, I'd have to go back and look at the stats 'cause I don't have 'em off-hand, but he only threw for like 168 yards last week or something like that. It was a very, it was not an insane amount of yardage and I think it was like 150-something yards. 

Matt: I think it was like 155 yards. But he didn't throw that many ties either.

AJ:  Those are a Right. But wasn't that the complaint about Cade McNamara? Oh, there's almost just, they can't throw because of Cade. But it's just funny to me that that was the argument to get Cade out and now that Cade is out. 

It's still exactly what's happening with Michigan football because this team is a run-first team because of how good the run game is. You don't need a guy to hawk the ball 40 times. And it, it's just, it's just interesting. I just, had to make that point at some point cause I'm like, these stats are not different than Cade's. They're gone 

Matt: nearly the. The running stats are a little bit better than Cade when, when he chooses to use his legs. He's more mobile than Cade is. Yeah. Naturally, they're going to be, but yeah. So hats off to you for a great game against Iowa. You know, it came out right up, right off the bat, an 11-place, 75-yard drive. 

Just kind of just set the tone that way, cuz if it goes the other way, you go three and out. Now the crowd's going. And it's gonna be a whole different ballgame, but by you guys just marching down the field methodically, it just continued to keep, the Iowa fans a little bit in check.

They couldn't be as ruckus as they can get. And you know, before you knew it, you'd scored on four of your first five drives and now you got an Iowa offense. They can't do anything and didn't do anything until there was no time left in the game. 

So from, a Michigan State fan to you, hats off to you a hell of a win. Hell of a game and I'm not looking forward to when the Spartans and the Wolverines get together this year, cuz we're gonna get, boat rock about 55 to 9, be 3 field goals for Michigan State.

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