Miguel Cabrera opens up about needing to ‘Talk more’

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When discussing the best right-handed hitters in the history of Major League Baseball, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers is most definitely in the conversation as he has put up an amazing career.

But at 38 years old, Cabrera’s best days are behind him, and to be honest, they have been behind him for quite some time now.

When Miggy was in his prime, he was one of the most feared hitters in baseball and when it came to being a leader, he let his play on the field do most of his talking.

But now, the Tigers are full of young players and Cabrera is starting to realize that it is time for him to start talking more with his mouth to help lead the team, rather than relying on his bat.

“What I’ve learned the past two years as a veteran is I need to talk more,” Cabrera said. “I always say, I talk (with) the way I play in the field. But right now, we got a lot of young guys. They ask you some questions. Being able to open up and try to talk to these guys, try to teach them. … That’s made me keep going and try to help the most I can.”

Cabrera has also been a player who is not one to talk to the media much. This was especially true this past season when he did not do a single interview with beat writers, noting that he was not comfortable with Zoom.

“I’m sorry for last year,” he said Friday. 

Let’s hope we get a lot more talking from Miggy as he wraps up his career because when he does chat it up, he is pretty entertaining.




1 thought on “Miguel Cabrera opens up about needing to ‘Talk more’”

  1. Miggy the best of the best maybe the very best hitter of all times!
    I know his best fan will be 90 this March 6th. I haven’t figured out how to reach Miggy to see if he would make my mom’s birthday the best ever and come to Michigan to see her and wish her a happy birthday!
    It would be great publicity for him and the Tigers as I I don’t have the money to hire him. God would bless him for it for sure and that’s better than money! Long shot I know. But I have to try.
    Thank you for your time.
    Tiger fans from Northern Michigan!

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