Miguel Cabrera receives updated child support payment terms

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera recently got some updated news when it comes to the child payments that he’s required to make.

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In March, he was ordered to pay $20,000 per month in child support to the woman he secretly fathered two children with. But after an amended final judgement from a Florida judge, he now only has to pay $14,000 per month.

According to the The Detroit Free Press:

“Cabrera doesn’t have to pay nearly $90,000 in back child support under the new order — the judge concluded he was up to date. Nor does he have to pay off the woman’s nearly $1 million home that he helped her buy, as was originally ordered. Now he only has to pay her $6,776 mortgage every month — though he can choose to pay off the entire balance to be released from liability.

Cabrera also doesn’t have to pay for the children’s college education, which their mother had asked for, but Cabrera protested.

The former Triple Crown winner, however, didn’t walk off scot-free. Rather, his affair in the end will cost him more than $5 million when you factor in 18 years of child support, house payments, health costs for the kids, schooling, tutoring, travel, property taxes and attorney fees — all of which the judge ordered Cabrera to take care of.”

With Cabrera’s annual $30 million salary, Belkis Rodriguez was originally entitled up to $137,000 per month. But Judge Alan Apte put the kibosh on that, saying that amount is “unjust” and “inappropriate” because it “exceeds the ‘needs’ of the children and it would be considered palimony.

“This is a paternity case, not a divorce case,” Apte wrote in his order. “The court finds that the parties’ children should have the same opportunities as the opportunities that the father provides to his three other children that he and his wife share.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez’s lawyer argued that Cabrera is a less than ideal father.

“The father has effectively discontinued all contact with the minor children. In fact, he did not even call the minor son on his recent birthday,” Young argued.