Miguel Cabrera’s next milestone could come within the hour

During Game 1 of Saturday's doubleheader between the Detroit Tigers and Colorado Rockies, Miguel Cabrera made history (again) when he picked up his 3000th career hit in front of a packed house at Comerica Park.


But Cabrera could hit his next milestone within the hour when the Tigers take on the Rockies in Game 2.

Miggy currently has 599 career doubles and with one more, he will become the 18th player in Major League Baseball to have 600 doubles in a career.

Here is the current list that Miggy could join on Saturday night.

Miguel Cabrera

NFL Draft Betting: What Is Kenny Pickett's Most Likely Landing Spot?

The NFL Draft draws near, and the next generation of NFL talent is about to find their first NFL team.

To add to the excitement, we have no real shortage of NFL Draft betting opportunities at FanDuel Sportsbook.

The one I'm keying on here is the landing spot for Pittsburgh Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett. Here are the odds for each team to draft Pickett as well as the team distribution we see over the 100 most recent mock drafts for Pickett, according to NFL Mock Draft Database.

Team to DraftKenny Pickett Past 100 Mocks FanDuel Sportsbook Odds
Carolina Panthers 45.0% +175
New Orleans Saints 18.0% +200
Pittsburgh Steelers 19.0% +350
Seattle Seahawks 3.0% +1200
Tennessee Titans 2.0% +1600
Indianapolis Colts 0.0% +2000
Atlanta Falcons 3.0% +2000
Detroit Lions 6.0% +2000
Washington Commanders 2.0% +2000
Philadelphia Eagles 0.0% +2500
Houston Texans 0.0% +3000


The betting favorite — and the analysts' favorite — to draft Pickett is the Carolina Panthers, a quarterback-needy team that has been a highly touted fit for Pickett for months now. Nearly half of the recent mocks (45.0%) pair up Pickett and the Panthers. That bests the implied probability of 36.4% based on the +175 odds. It's a good pick.

But what if Carolina passes on Pickett? The second-ranked landing spot in frequency of mocks is — narrowly — the Pittsburgh Steelers, thus keeping Pickett in Pittsburgh. Of those 100 most recent mocks, 19 slate Pickett to the Steelers, though that 19.0% is a tick below the 22.2% implied probability of +350. Further, ESPN draft analyst Matt Miller suggests that the only quarterback the Steelers are sold on is Pickett. We could even see them try to move up to do so.

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