Miguel Cabrera’s next role with Detroit Tigers announced 

He's sticking around! Take a look at Miguel Cabrera's next role with the Tigers.

Miguel Cabrera's next role with the Detroit Tigers has been decided!

We've reached the culmination of the illustrious Hall of Fame career of Detroit Tigers legend Miguel Cabrera, who is set to retire at the conclusion of this season. This weekend, he will play the final series of his MLB career against the Cleveland Guardians. However, his association with the Tigers will continue beyond his playing days. Earlier today, it was revealed that he will take on a new role within the organization as Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations.

Miguel Cabrera's next role

He is set to play the final series of his career

Prior to the 2023 MLB season, Cabrera announced that it would be the last of his career and that he'd be hanging up the cleats later in the fall. But the good news is that his time in the Motor City isn't concluding.

Miguel Cabrera's next role with the Tigers has been decided

The Detroit Tigers announced today on X (formerly Twitter) that Cabrera will be serving as Special Assistant to President of Baseball Operations Scott Harris.

Miguel Cabrera's next role,Detroit Tigers

“Lessons like how to deal with praise and pressure are exactly what we want Miguel teaching players throughout the organization,” Harris said. “I’m honored to have him as a part of our staff, and know he will continue to make the Tigers better in his new role.”

“My father was incredibly fond of Miggy and made sure he was a Tiger for the remainder of his playing career,” said Tigers chairman and CEO Chris Ilitch. “We’re thrilled to extend our relationship into the next chapter of his life.

Miguel Cabrera's next role

“While it may be the end of an era, it's a new beginning as Miguel will continue to pass along his baseball wisdom, culture-shaping values, and mentorship to the next generation of Tigers players, who can aspire to the level of greatness that Miguel has achieved.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Miguel Cabrera is embarking on the last series of his illustrious MLB career, which will come to an end at the conclusion of the 2023 season.
  2. The Tigers have officially announced that Cabrera will transition into a new role within the organization following his retirement from playing, serving as the Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations.
  3. Both Scott Harris and Chris Ilitch express their immense delight in maintaining the team's ongoing relationship with Cabrera.

Bottom Line: Once a Tiger, always a Tiger

abrera will forever occupy a cherished spot in the hearts of Tigers fans, thanks to his extraordinary accomplishments during his tenure wearing the iconic Old English D. He will eternally be revered as a true emblem of the team.

We're absolutely thrilled that he'll be staying on with the organization!