Mike Stone to step down from 97.1 The Ticket Morning Show

Mike Stone to step down from 97.1 The Ticket Morning Show: The Detroit sports radio legend is stepping down.

Mike Stone to step down from 97.1 The Ticket Morning Show

Veteran radio host Mike Stone, fondly known as Stoney, made a significant announcement on 97.1 The Ticket on Wednesday morning. The co-host divulged that the forthcoming NFL season would be his swansong for the morning show, signaling a transition in his illustrious career. While he will retain his position beside Jon Jansen until the Super Bowl, the future will see him in a diminished capacity.

Mike Stone to Step Down

What Mike Stone Said

As Stoney reflects on the potential of the Detroit Lions making it to the Super Bowl during his final year, he light-heartedly considers himself their “lucky charm.”

“There is nothing like an NFL run and nothing like knowing your team has a legitimate chance to get to the Super Bowl,” Stone said. “I don’t know if they do, but I think it could be the start of a yearly thing. Them getting to the Super Bowl in my last year of doing the morning show, it would be unbelievable.”

“I’d consider myself the lucky charm,” he added in jest.

“I’m still gonna be around,” he said. “People are still going to have to put up with me for probably half the year, if you add up all the vacation days that everybody has. And I’ll be doing Lions postgame the next three seasons hopefully.”

Why it Matters

Stoney's journey with The Ticket began in 2009, marking a pivotal transition from his tenure with WDFN. Having become an integral part of the Detroit sports landscape, Stone, turning 65 this December, will stay connected to The Ticket, assuming the role of a fill-in host and co-hosting the Lions postgame show with Jennifer Hammond of Fox 2. The spirited host's replacement is yet to be determined.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Mike Stone, popularly known as Stoney, announces his departure from the morning show on 97.1 The Ticket after the upcoming NFL season.
  2. Throughout his career, Stoney has been a pillar in the Detroit sports radio scene, engaging with fans and interviewing prominent sports figures.
  3. While stepping down from the morning segment, Stone will remain connected to The Ticket in different capacities.

Bottom Line – Morning's Mainstay Moves, But Not Muted

Mike Stone, with his genuine affinity for sports and his deep-rooted connection with listeners, is one such icon. His decision to step down from the morning show at The Ticket marks the end of an era. Yet, it's heartening to know that his voice, filled with passion, humor, and insightful perspectives, will continue to echo in different capacities. As the sun sets on Stoney's morning chapter, fans can look forward to more engaging moments, cherishing the legacy he leaves behind and anticipating the fresh narratives ahead.