Mike Valenti says one move can put Detroit Lions in Super Bowl

The situation surrounding New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams has caught the attention of sports radio host Mike Valenti. Williams recently removed references to the Jets from his Twitter account, indicating possible dissatisfaction with his contract situation. Valenti believes the Detroit Lions should explore the trade market for Williams, considering his immense talent and potential impact on the team's success.

Mike Valenti Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Quinnen Williams' removal of Jets references on social media indicates potential contract dissatisfaction.
  • Valenti proposes the Lions pursue a trade for Williams.
  • Valenti suggests offering a first-round and third-round pick for Williams on a lucrative contract.
  • Critics are concerned about giving up draft capital and committing to a substantial financial investment.
  • Valenti emphasizes the importance of winning the Lombardi Trophy and making bold moves.
  • The success of the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers is cited as evidence for the effectiveness of blockbuster trades.
  • Valenti urges Lions GM Brad Holmes to be aggressive in acquiring high-end talent like Williams.

Mike Valenti says one move can put Detroit Lions in Super Bowl

Valenti told his listeners that it is not about just winning the division or hosting a playoff game, it is about getting to and winning the Super Bowl. He believes that the Lions trading for Williams would put them right in the conversation.

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“If the Jets can’t get this guy signed and you offer the Jets a 1 and a 3 and you get Williams signed to a four-year, $110 million contract, I’m ready,” said Valenti. “I’m ready to go in and do this because this is about one thing. It’s not about winning a division or hosting a playoff game. It’s not about winning playoff games or getting to the NFC title game or getting to the Super Bowl and going home with your garden hose in your hand. It’s about winning the Lombardi Trophy. It is about winning it all.”

“I would take your first-round and third-round pick next year and I’d call the Jets right now,” Valenti said. “And you can laugh at me, but if you laugh at me then you’re laughing at Howie Roseman, the general manager who’s built the single best roster in all of football, the Philadelphia Eagles. Howie Roseman is one of the most aggressive traders to acquire talent in all of football.” 

“You know who else is aggressive? The other team you’re chasing in the NFC, the 49ers. John Lynch is aggressive,” Valeni explained. “My belief is, you put Quinnen Williams in the middle of this defense, you become a team that is on par with Philly and San Fran. Can’t say you’re better than them and maybe you’re not quite as good, but boy, you’re sitting at that dinner table. Quinnen Williams is a game-breaker. He is a mandatory double-team. He’s a freakshow.”

Bottom Line – Lions' Super Bowl dreams within reach?

Valenti believes the acquisition of Quinnen Williams has the potential to be the game-changing move that propels the Detroit Lions into serious Super Bowl contention. That being said, I think he is a bit off base thinking the Lions could get Williams for a 1st Round pick and a 3rd Round pick. My guess is that it would take a pair of first-rounders and at least one Day 2 pick to get a deal done. Then, the Lions would also have to give Williams what would likely be the second-highest defensive tackle contract in NFL history.

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