Moritz Seider and Alex DeBrincat discuss upcoming Red Wings Global Series games

Red Wings players Moritz Seider and Alex DeBrincat discuss their upcoming Global Series games from Sweden!

Red Wings players Moritz Seider and Alex DeBrincat discuss their upcoming Global Series games from Sweden!

The Detroit Red Wings have gone international for their upcoming games! Having arrived in Sweden, they are gearing up for significant divisional matchups against the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs that will take place at Avicii Arena in Stockholm as part of the NHL Global Series. Before the upcoming matchups, both Alex DeBrincat and Moritz Seider elaborated on the team's current experience and emphasized the significance of approaching their tasks diligently to secure crucial points in the standings.

Moritz Seider and Alex DeBrincat discuss

Moritz Seider returns to where he once played

Seider's return holds a touch of homecoming sentiment as the German-born player previously competed professionally in Sweden before transitioning to North America.

“Today was good. It was nice to be back on the ice,” Seider said. “We didn't do anything yesterday other than walk around. It feels good to get going and looking forward to another one tomorrow.”

The 2022 Calder Trophy recipient has tallied one goal and 11 assists in the 15 games played this season, projecting a pace of five goals and 55 assists over a complete 82-game schedule.

Former Senators forward Alex DeBrincat excited for the upcoming task

For DeBrincat, he's relishing a chance to get another shot at his former team, whom the Red Wings defeated last month in Ottawa by a 5-2 final.

“I don't think we're going to need to search that hard to find that emotion [from the first game],” he said. “Obviously, it's very cool to play over here. The first time was a big game for us — they are always a tough team to play against, they play hard, so we have to match that intensity and really come out strong.”

status of Alex DeBrincat

DeBrincat emphasized the significance of acclimating one's body to the time difference and shared insights on techniques to get your legs moving after enduring the effects of prolonged jet lag.

“I think today was feeling like getting your legs back from the time change and whatever it was yesterday,” he said. “Tomorrow, I'm sure we'll focus more a little bit on that and today was more about ourselves and getting back to our mentality and how we want to practice and play.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Red Wings have landed in Sweden, gearing up for their upcoming involvement in the NHL Global Series.
  2. Moritz Seider and Alex DeBrincat highlighted the significance of adapting to the time difference after the extensive overseas journey.
  3. DeBrincat expressed his excitement for another opportunity to face his former Senators teammates during the series.

Bottom Line: The Global Series is next

The Red Wings are taking the opportunity to get their bodies used to the jet lag and time difference, having immediately gathered for practice shortly after arrival in Sweden.

They'll take on the Senators on November 16, followed by the Maple Leafs the next day on November 17.

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