Nate Sudfeld reacts to Detroit Lions’ interest in Teddy Bridgewater

Nate Sudfeld has weighed in on the Detroit Lions bringing Teddy Bridgewater in for a visit.

With an anticipated high-stakes 2023 season for the Detroit Lions, General Manager Brad Holmes indicated a targeted focus on bolstering the secondary quarterback position. However, the emphasis seems to have culminated in simply re-signing Nate Sudfeld and a reported contract proposal to Teddy Bridgewater, back in April. The ongoing pursuit of Bridgewater recently reignited, leading to a visit this week. Now, Sudfeld has weighed in on Bridgewater's visit.

Nate Sudfeld Detroit Lions Training Camp Teddy Bridgewater

Nate Sudfeld reacts to Detroit Lions' interest in Teddy Bridgewater

Sudfeld, entering his eighth NFL season with sparse regular season gameplay, acknowledged the business reality of the NFL, having been released by the San Francisco 49ers in the late preseason last year before finding a home with the Lions.

“If I've learned anything in this league, (it's that) nobody owes you anything,” Sudfeld said. “You can feel like you've earned (something), or you can feel like you're doing well, but that means absolutely nothing, and none of it is personal.

“Everyone's just trying to win, everyone's trying to do the best thing for the team.”

“They've just been communicating with me every step of the way, but I really don't take too much into that,” Sudfeld said. “I just try to go day by day and just do what I have, the responsibilities I have. And I try to bring energy and positive leadership to the room and to the team and just try to do everything that I can control.”

Ben Johnson says Sudfeld has looked sharp

Lions' offensive coordinator Ben Johnson says Sudfeld has looked good so far in his his first camp with the Lions.

“Last year, we didn't have him for camp and so this is great because he is getting full-speed, live evaluation right now throughout camp,” Johnson said. “Can't wait to see him in preseason games and function at a high level when the bullets are flying.”

“Right now, it feels like he's come out with great command, great control; he's throwing with accuracy, he's making good decisions, and so him, as well as the rest of the guys, the consistency is what we're looking for,” Johnson said. “We can't have flash players, and so for him, it's just building, stacking up good days, one after another, and he's been able to put a couple good ones back-to-back so far.”

Key Points

  • Teddy Bridgewater's contract offer from Detroit Lions reportedly strong.
  • Lions rekindled interest in Bridgewater with a visit this week.
  • Coach Dan Campbell is known to have high regard for Bridgewater.
  • Sudfeld expresses a pragmatic perspective on the Lions' interest in Bridgewater.
  • Ben Jonnson says Sudfeld has looked good so far in camp.
Teddy Bridgewater Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – Lions' Roaring for a Reliable Reserve

The Lions' quarterback saga boils down to a simple yet vital question: Who will be the best reserve for Jared Goff? As of now, Bridgewater appears to be the team's preferred choice. But with nothing set in stone, Sudfeld could retain his position with a solid preseason performance. Yet, in the unpredictable world of the NFL, even if Bridgewater isn't the one to step in, Sudfeld will need to stay alert as someone else might. Stay tuned, Lions' fans, as the QB carousel continues to spin in Detroit.