Dan Campbell wants Teddy Bridgewater to sign with Detroit Lions

On Tuesday morning, Dan Campbell was asked about Teddy Bridgewater, and he made it pretty clear that he wants the Detroit Lions to sign him.

In a move that could potentially alter the dynamics of the Detroit Lions squad, head Dan Campbell has expressed interest in the team signing former Pro Bowl quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Despite their high regard for backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld, Campbell and GM Brad Holmes have been clear that the team's improvement is paramount and every opportunity to do so will be considered.

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Dan Campbell wants Bridgewater to sign with Detroit Lions

On Monday, the Lions brought in Bridgewater for a visit. With a previous working relationship with the New Orleans Saints, Bridgewater's signing would mean a familiar working synergy for Campbell. This was confirmed on Tuesday when Campbell expressed that he is all for the Lions signing Bridgewater. Sudfeld has been kept informed throughout this process, indicating the transparency of the team management.

“We're (in) year three and I think we're in a much better position. You just want to know that you are in the best hands possible,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said while symbolically knocking on the wood lectern during his Tuesday morning media availability ahead of the team's third training camp practice. “…It's also the competition. It doesn't mean that (backup) Nate (Sudfeld) is out of anything if we go this route and it works out. You'll feel good about whoever comes out of the fire will be the right guy to help you along the way. But yeah, you don't want the wheels to fall off.”

“We've kept in touch with Teddy and we've kept Nate abreast of that, too,” Campbell said. “We haven't hidden anything (from him). So it went good. Gave us a chance to sit down with him face-to-face, particularly (offensive coordinator) Ben (Johnson), Bru (quaterback coach Mark Brunell) and (general manager) Brad (Holmes). It gets me face-to-face with him again. Then just the medical (evaluation). So it was good. It was a good visit. We'll see where it goes.”

Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions are considering signing former Pro Bowl quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.
  • Despite high praise for backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld, the Lions' management is exploring all avenues to improve the team.
  • Campbell has a prior professional relationship with Bridgewater from their time with the New Orleans Saints.
  • The team's management has kept Sudfeld informed throughout the process, showing their transparency.
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Bottom Line – A Bridgewater for the Lions' River

If the signing goes through, the Lions could greatly benefit from the experience and talent of Bridgewater, adding depth to their squad and creating more opportunities on the field. Teddy Bridgewater's potential return to work under Campbell could infuse new energy into the team, while a solid No. 2 QB behind starter, Jared Goff. While the deal isn't inked yet, Bridgewater's arrival could indeed make the Lions roar louder.