NBA Proves They Hate Cade Cunningham


Ryan and Matt discuss Cade Cunningham being completely ignored by NBA.

Cade Cunningham
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Matt Bassin: So in Detroit, we've had really only focused on one of the awards because I don't think Dwayne Casey is winning coach of the year. I don't think anyone on our team was winning MVP or sixth man. Saddiq Bey could take Most Improved. 

Ryan Griffin: Luka Garza for six minutes…

Matt Bassin: I don't think it's going to happen, but there is one award that we've had a close eye on all year that is obviously Rookie of the Year.

For the month of March, our rookie Cade Cunningham

Ryan Griffin: This is going to piss me off.  

Matt Bassin: I know. This mans average, is basically 23 points, basically six rebounds, and 7 assists 22.9, 5.9, and seven. Hasn't been done for a full month by any rookie, since one Michael Jordan. Scottie barns for the month of March average, 17.1, 7.6. And 4.3, guess who won rookie of the month?

Ryan Griffin: No, I already know.

Matt Bassin: You already know it. Wasn't our boy Cade Cunningham. And I'll tell you why because if they gave this man rookie of the month, they'd have to give this man Rookie of the Year and they have no intention of giving this man Rookie of the Year. So they made damn sure he wasn't going to get Rookie of the Month and the final month of the NBA season, even though he puts up historic rookie numbers and ends his rookie season with 17.4 points, Five and a half boards, 5.6 assists. There are 10 rookies in history that have done that. He is one of those 10, eight of those 10 have won rookie of the year. The one who didn't is from Michigan. The other one who's not going to, plays for Michigan. 

Ryan Griffin: It's preposterous. And I fell for the okie-doke. I thought up until maybe even a week ago, it's hard to ignore what Cade's doing. Maybe he can swoop in and steal that rookie of the year when he was at plus 1600 odds. Probably two weeks ago. I was thinking to myself I can bet this Cade is really coming on strong. Mobley is missing games, whatever. Like you said no intention.

They didn't care a lick that he's had 23, 7, and six or whatever it was. He could have had 28, 5, and five. And it's so absurd. Not just that it's not winning rookie of the year, because that is an actual debate. I don't think it's a debate that he's the best rookie, but who had the best rookie season.

Fine. You can give it to whoever you want. I would still give it to Cade. He had to deal with more, he had to do way more than his counterparts. And the NBA season goes from like October to what are we in now? April right? Six months. He had the best, last five months out of any of the rookies. If you're going to hold that first month against them, like whatever that's on you.

But for this month, in particular, I've never cared about Player the Month or Rookie of the Month. At least I thought I didn't because I never pay attention. Is there ever a greater injustice in player/rookie of the month history, than Cade not getting rookie of the month here.

Since Michael Jordan, every time you even mentioned Michael Jordan, the NBA awards, the NBA media, everybody goes crazy all over themselves because, oh my God, you did something. And it was Michael Jordan. It's the same thing. Oh, it's the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to do this, last year, we saw with Zion when he's doing 60 points or 60% and 25 points a game, people are like, oh, Shaq, Kareem, and Zion.

That's lit. And it's oh my God, that's insane. But for Cade Cunningham and when you're putting him in the conversation with Michael Jordan, suddenly that's not enough because the Toronto Raptors who have Fred Van Fleet who had Pascal Siakam, they're out here winning games, and suddenly that matters in the rookie of the year.

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