New look Warriors will destroy the NBA

Jordan Poole has made the Warriors an unstoppable force

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Ryan Griffin: New look Warriors, Jordan Poole, Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, the new five man lineup that’s wreaking havoc on the NBA. They only have this two games sample size, but if you notice their defensive rating and offensive rating is off the charts. Their offensive rating is over 200 and their defensive rating of 75, which is just astronomical, and in any way you put it, it’s a small sample size, but they’ve absolutely terrorized the Nuggets for these first few games.

And it’s been interesting because Steph Curry has come back from injury. The first game Jordan Poole really took over and he didn’t need to do too much. The second game Jordan Poole took over as well, but Steph decided he wanted to do a lot. He scored 34 points in just 22 minutes, both games off the bench.

But still even if he’s hurt, even if he’s coming off the bench, whenever Steph steps onto a basketball court, that’s really just enough to impact the game.

A.J. Reilly: 100 percent it’s enough to impact the game with the best three point shooter that I know I’ve ever seen. And the best three point shooter in probably the history of the NBA, right?

The man touches the ball and he can hit from anywhere on the court. So the moment he steps across that line, where he’s coming off the bench or starting, the game is impacted. But what’s interesting to me is Jordan Poole. That’s the interesting thing, right? Because now it was always the “Splash Brothers.” You had  Steph and Klay, and now you’ve added a third to that mix. And Draymond could always hit when he needed to hit.. But now you’ve got Jordan Poole. Who’s setting records for the most like three point field goals in his first two play off games or did I read that correctly?

Ryan Griffin: I think it’s any player in their first two playoff games. Yeah. 

A.J. Reilly: So, he’s hit the most three point field goals of anybody and it’s just oh great. Now the splash brothers have now added their younger brother and you got to take notice with that.

You got reigning MVP and Jokic who cannot do anything against Draymond, which is a whole other point. That is not even being mentioned right now. What did he hold him to? Eight points or something? 

Ryan Griffin: When he’s the one guarding him, not total.

A.J. Reilly: No, not total, but when Draymond’s guarding him, it’s eight and that’s significant. So not to mention the three point shots that they’re just able to knock down seemingly at will. Now you’re taking the best player off the court for the Nuggets when Draymond’s guarding him, that’s got to put some, a few people in the league on notice..

Ryan Griffin: Yeah. And the Warriors want to upset the Suns, which I think people are just penciling in the Warriors and the Suns in the Western finals. Jordan Poole’s still going to have to be an X factor because we know what the other guys can do. We know Steph Curry can be the best player on the floor. At any point in any series that he’s in.

We don’t know about Klay. He struggled a little bit earlier this year, but I think last game, he had 20 points towards the end of the year. He was coming on as well, where he can get hot, he’s had 37 and a quarter before, and maybe he doesn’t have that in him, but he can certainly get you 37 in a game still.

While Draymond’s not going to give you a whole lot of scoring wise, you can still facilitate the ball. He could still defend his ass off, obviously. So if Jordan Poole can give them what he’s been giving them and just be another sharpshooter and somebody that can make plays for the Warriors then you do have a lineup that’s really tough to guard. There’s no possible way that you can guard all three of those guys. If you’re going to focus in on like Steph and Poole, because they’re going to have the ball in their hands more, then you’re letting Klay Thompson, just pick a spot and run around the perimeter and kill you that way,

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Written by Amy Price

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