NFL executive explains how Detroit Lions can make run in NFC North

The Detroit Lions have never won the NFC North.

Let me repeat that, the Detroit Lions have NEVER won the NFC North.

Ever since the NFC Central dropped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was renamed the NFC North prior to the start of the 2002 season, the Lions have failed to bring home a title. In fact, they have only managed to finish second four times in 18 seasons while finishing in last place on eight occasions.

So, do the Lions have what it takes to win the NFC North in 2020, despite coming off of a 2019 season in which they finished 3-12-1?

According to one NFL executive, the Lions do not have the defense to carry them to a championship which means Matthew Stafford and the offense will have to put the team on their shoulders.

From The Athletic:

“They will need Swift to be an offensive rookie of the year candidate and (Matt) Stafford to be healthy all year to make a run at that division. I don’t think the defense will be good enough to carry them,” an executive said.

Nation, what do you think? Can the Lions make a run at the NFC North in 2020? If so, what will be the key?

What do you think?

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