NFL writer Michael Silver takes shot at Detroit Lions blog, proceeds to get destroyed on Twitter

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Not all writers are created the same and when it comes to covering the NFL, Michael Silver, who actually was solid at one point in his career, has become quite the clown, especially when it comes to sharing his laughable takes on Twitter.

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On Friday, news broke that former Lions OC Anthony Lynn had been hired by the San Francisco 49ers.

Following the news, Silver took to Twitter to spew some garbage.

“So to review: Dan Campbell thinks he’s a better offensive mind than Anthony Lynn… but Kyle Shanahan wants Lynn’s brain in his building, helping to cook up plays. Seems like Kyle might know more but…” Silver tweeted.

Following that tweet, Alex Reno, who contributes at the local Detroit Lions Pride of Detroit blog, called out Silver for “flat out lying.”

Silver responded by trashing Pride of Detroit, calling Reno a “Fan Boy.”

“Nothing like getting called a liar by ‘Pride of Detroit’ in defense of an operation that… checks notes… didn’t have a great amount of success in 2021. I love you, Fan Boy,” Silver responded.

Pride of Detroit writer Erik Schlitt also called out Silver and Silver fired back calling Schlitt a “make-believe” journalist.

Here is Schlitt’s response.

Anyone who has EVER read what Schlitt has to say about the Lions knows that he takes what he does very seriously and that he has forgotten more about football than Silver will ever know.

Because of that, Lions nation came to his defense.

Check it out.


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