Nicholas Castellanos changes name, number after signing with Reds

This may be confusing.

When Nicholas Castellanos first came to the Detroit Tigers, he went by the name of “Nick.”

Then, before the 2017 season, Castellanos decided he wanted to be called “Nicholas,” though he said that it was ok if somebody still called him, “Nick.”

On Monday, news broke that Castellanos had signed a 4-year, $64 million deal with the Cincinnati Reds and apparently, he is ready to switch his name (and number) once again.

According to the Reds, Castellanos will now go by “Nick” and he will wear the No. 2 jersey. Even Woodbury confirmed that he is now going by “Nick” again, not “Nicholas.”

Nicholas Castellanos, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers

It's a good thing first names are not on the back of MLB uniforms!



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