Oregon State coach explains why he did not join Jonathan Smith at Michigan State

Oregon State coach Trent Bray explains why he did not get on the plane with Jonathan Smith to head to Michigan State.

Oregon State coach explains why he did not join Jonathan Smith at Michigan State

Michigan State‘s recent hiring of Jonathan Smith, who was poached from a successful tenure at Oregon State, stands as a prime example of how a head coach leaving can send a ripple through the program. For Oregon State, particularly for assistant coach Trent Bray, Smith’s move to Michigan State wasn't just about a change in leadership; it was a test of loyalty and vision. Bray, who worked closely with Smith for six years and was recently announced as Oregon State's new head coach, publicly expressed his disappointment over Smith's departure.

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What did Trent Bray Say About Not Joining Jonathan Smith at MSU?

“I truly believe we can continue to build a winner here,” Bray said. “I think we’ve proven over the last couple of years to be capable of doing that. I found out real late in the process and it didn’t sit quite right with me, which is why I wasn’t in a hurry to get on the plane when he asked me to go. And then when I was presented this opportunity, I stayed even longer and wanted to hear this out and see where this could go and it’s the best decision I’ve made.”

Bray's decision to stay at Oregon State, despite the allure of moving to a prestigious program like Michigan State, speaks volumes about his commitment to continuing the work he and Smith had started. His choice reflects a deep belief in the potential of Oregon State's football program and a personal commitment to see it through to further success.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Trent Bray, a long-time assistant at Oregon State, becomes head coach amidst Jonathan Smith’s departure.
  2. Bray declined to follow Smith to Michigan State, citing a late notice and a sense of loyalty to Oregon State.
  3. His commitment to building a winning team at Oregon State influenced his decision to stay.
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The Bottom Line – A Commitment to Continuity

Trent Bray‘s decision to stay at Oregon State amid Jonathan Smith's move to Michigan State is a testament to his dedication to the program and its athletes. It's a decision that underscores the importance of continuity and stability in collegiate sports, where frequent changes can disrupt team dynamics and progress. Bray's choice reflects a deep understanding of the unique culture and potential at Oregon State, along with a personal commitment to see through the work he began with Smith. With that being said, it does not sound like Bray and Smith will be breaking bread anytime soon.