Penei Sewell sets sights high for 2023 Detroit Lions season

Penei Sewell spoke about his expectations for the Detroit Lions this season, "I want it all."

The Detroit Lions have started training camp and to say the expectations are high would be a bit of an understatement, just don't tell Dan Campbell. This morning, standout right tackle, Penei Sewell, met with the media and shared some of his thoughts about Aidan Hutchinson, quarterback Jared Goff, and his goals for the upcoming season.

Why it matters

Entering his third season with the club, Sewell has been around for the entirety of Campbell's tenure as coach. He was the first draft pick of Brad Holmes and Campbell and is the culture defined in many ways. Being a “vet” now means that when he speaks people listen and maybe they should. Sewell is one of the best players on the field whenever he steps on it and anchors a stellar offensive line.

Penei Sewell discusses the 2023-24 Detroit Lions

In addressing the media, Sewell started by talking about “expectations':

I mean, when we talk about expectations and pressure, I feel like pressure is kind of from interior. So if you put alot on yourself, if you feed yourself into that mindset, you're going to kind of get overwhelmed, right? But if you come out here like it's the same game I've played since you were two-years old, or the same game since I was on the island, just the same passion. All that. But, it is what it is. But I'm going to come out here because I love to do it.

Penei Sewell

Regarding Jared Goff, according to Dannie Rogers, Sewell believes he's grown tremendously, due in part to OC Ben Johnson, and notes that Goff has more than a “little” swagger to him. He then noted that Aidan Hutchinson has a better understanding of the playbook and is stronger and comfier out there on the field.

He then spoke about his expectations for this season and said, “I want it all. Nothing less.”

Pretty strong words from the former first-round pick and pass-catching, stud tackle the Lions have. Expectations are through the roof.

The bottom line

It's easy to say the right things when you're standing in front of cameras, but Sewell's words have never been minced. He's always spoken of his desire to win here in Detroit and playing a Campbell-style of ball that has fostered a lot of these expectations. It's early and the hype train is a-rollin', but we can help but jump on board when the Kool-Aid tastes this good.