Penn State head coach James Franklin takes shot at Michigan Football

Penn State head coach James Franklin takes shot at Michigan Football: Maybe Franklin should worry about the Wolverines blowing them out 41-17 like they did in 2022.

Penn State head coach James Franklin takes shot at Michigan Football

Penn State head coach James Franklin has added some extra spice to the upcoming Week 10 matchup between the Michigan Wolverines and the Penn State Nittany Lions. Franklin's recent comments, directed at a certain Big Ten rival, have raised eyebrows and stoked the fires of competition.

James Franklin James Franklin takes shot at Michigan Football

Summarizing Franklin's Jab

During a media interaction this week, coach Franklin didn't hold back. Though Franklin was too scared to mention them by name, he clearly took a shot at the Michigan football program, implying that they are “buying out a ton of game contracts.” He capped it off by suggesting that a team must go to great lengths to secure an undefeated record.

“There's a team in this conference that's buying out a ton of game contracts to go in another direction.”

He added that “You gotta do whatever you possibly can to give yourself a chance to be undefeated.”

Meanwhile, Penn State's non-conference schedule included matchups against West Virginia, Delaware, and a forthcoming game against UMass, seemingly taking a more challenging path.

High Stakes Ahead

The stakes are high as No. 2 Michigan is set to clash with No. 6 Penn State in a Week 10 showdown. The outcome of this game could significantly impact the race for the Big Ten championship and College Football Playoff contention. Mark your calendars for November 11th at noon as the Wolverines face the Nittany Lions.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Penn State's Coach James Franklin takes a veiled shot at Michigan for their weak non-conference schedule.
  2. Michigan's decision to cancel a game with UCLA in favor of easier opponents has sparked controversy.
  3. The upcoming Week 10 matchup between Michigan and Penn State promises to be a pivotal game in the Big Ten race.
Michigan vs. Penn State

Big Picture: Rivalry and Rhetoric

College football thrives on rivalries and spirited banter between coaches and teams. James Franklin's comments add an intriguing layer of anticipation to an already high-stakes matchup. This situation underscores the scrutiny surrounding scheduling decisions and their impact on a team's reputation.

Bottom Line – Adding Fuel to the Fire

As the Wolverines prepare to face the Nittany Lions, James Franklin's words will undoubtedly serve as motivation for Michigan. Whether it's gamesmanship or genuine criticism, it has added an element of drama to a contest that could shape the course of the season. Fans can expect fireworks on the field as both teams seek to prove their mettle in what promises to be a thrilling showdown.