Randomly chosen hockey fan wins $50K with lucky shot

Talk about beginners luck!

A Montreal Canadiens fan at Belle Centre was chosen at random and soon found himself $50K richer. Per NHL.com:

“They offered me a hockey stick, left or right?” Proteau said. “I don't know. I don't play hockey.”

He hit his first attempt, winning a mini-fridge, then missed on his center-ice attempt, which would have netted him Canadiens season tickets. Then he moved to the opposite blue line, and the open net was reduced to a space barely bigger than the puck, but Proteau flung it into the slot anyway.

“It was beginner's luck,” Proteau said. “I didn't think it was going in. It was going in slow motion, and then I was wondering where [the puck] went until everyone started cheering, and then my jaw dropped.”

Proteau said he'd use the money to “spoil” himself and his family. He'll also be going on vacation.

“A trip south is pretty much a sure thing,” he said.


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