Report: Detroit Tigers could lose two minor league affiliates

According to reports, Major League Baseball is looking to cut down on the number of Minor League Baseball teams they have and two affiliates of the Detroit Tigers could soon be gone.

In a piece recently published in the New York Times, both the Double-A Erie SeaWolves and short-season Class A Connecticut Tigers end up being cut.

From MLive:

The answer could hinge on negotiations between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball. The relationship between the two groups is governed by Professional Baseball Agreement, which is due to expire after the 2020 season.

MLB’s first offer called for minor-league baseball to be dramatically streamlined, cutting out 42 affiliates and pushing hundreds of players into independent baseball, a “dream league” partially subsidized by MLB.

A leaked list of the 42 teams on the chopping block was published in the New York Times this weekend. Two of the franchises are affiliated with the Tigers: Double-A Erie and short-season Class A Connecticut.

Pat O’Conner, president and chief executive of Minor League Baseball, told the newspaper that his goal is to save all 42 teams.