REPORT: Former Detroit Lions’ head coach Jim Caldwell lands a job

He’s back!

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According to a report from Ian Rapoport, former Detroit Lions‘ head coach Jim Caldwell has landed a job with the Miami Dolphins.

Rapoport later added that Caldwell will take on a senior advisory role in the Dolphins organization.

Caldwell’s name has come up lately as a potential candidate for a head coaching job in the league as he reportedly interviewed with the Browns, Cardinals, Jets, and Packers.


Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio goes all-in with 2-7 off-suited hand

With the announcement of an unscheduled press conference with Mark Dantonio yesterday afternoon, the hearts of every Michigan State Football fan started to beat with anticipation. Thoughts were flying through Twitter, with eager hands rubbing together slowly. “He’s going to finally ax some of these clowns,” most thought. Then, at 4:19 PM, Graham Couch broke their hearts via Twitter:

…and the sounds of broken Spartan hearts was heard echoing across the country.

It was to Michigan State football fans what gasoline is to a forest fire. After a season that ended with the offense putting up six points in three out of four performances including an embarrassing 7-6 loss to Oregon in the Red Box Bowl to end the season, it was time to make bold changes. Spartan fans were clamoring for Coach Dantonio to show that fire and passion which has endeared him in the hearts of the Spartan faithful by taking the program back to the heights achieved in 2015 when they lost to Alabama in the College Football Playoff Semi-final. All of that hope and expectation over the last three weeks was gone. No major changes would be forthcoming. Heck, almost no changes happened period!

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Instead, Mark Dantonio stepped up to the podium with a circuitous speech that seemed to be focused on delaying the inevitable reveal. He did, however, start the announcement calling the moves “the most significant change” to his coaching staff in 12 years. Really? In reality, he simply shuffled around the titles and responsibilities of the same five offensive coaches as outlined in the tweet above.

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Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio goes all-in with 2-7 off-suited hand


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