Report: Michigan Football contacts top transfer portal player Chase Bisontis

Report: Michigan Football contacts top transfer portal player Chase Bisontis. This would be a HUGE get for the Wolverines.

Report: Michigan Football contacts top transfer portal player Chase Bisontis

As Michigan gears up for the upcoming Rose Bowl against Alabama, their recruiting efforts are intensifying, focusing on both high school recruits and transfer portal targets. The latest name linked with Michigan is Chase Bisontis, a former offensive lineman from Texas A&M. Bisontis, who was a four-star recruit coming out of high school, is currently in the top 10 of transfer portal player rankings by multiple outlets.

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Why it Matters

According to a report from Hayes Fawcett of On3 Sports, Bisontis has been in contact with Michigan and 25 other schools, according to Hayes Fawcett of On3. This list includes major football programs like Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Chase Bisontis, former Texas A&M OL, enters transfer portal post-freshman season.
  2. Ranked in the top-10 of transfer portal players, in contact with Michigan and 25 other schools.
  3. Bisontis, a high school four-star recruit, was the No. 46 player nationwide.
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The Bottom Line – A Game of Strategic Moves

Michigan's pursuit of Chase Bisontis is a testament to their strategic approach to team building. Bisontis, with his impressive freshman track record and high rankings in the transfer portal, represents a significant opportunity for the Wolverines. As they prepare to face Alabama in the Rose Bowl, their engagement with such a promising talent underscores their commitment to maintaining a strong, competitive team. The chase for Bisontis is more than just recruiting a talented player; it's about strategically positioning Michigan in the ever-evolving landscape of college football.