Report: Michigan regents discussed leaving Big Ten

Report: Michigan regents discussed leaving Big Ten

Report: Michigan regents discussed leaving Big Ten

The Big Ten has suspended Michigan Football head coach Jim Harbaugh for the remainder of the 2023 regular season, and the University is not too happy. In fact, just moments after the news broke that Harbaugh had been suspended, Michigan announced they were seeking a temporary restraining order to block the Big Ten's decision. Now, a report has surfaced saying that Michigan regents actually discussed leaving the Big Ten if the conference handed out discipline without due process.

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Michigan Considered Leaving Big Ten

According to Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated, leaving the Big Ten was discussed by Michigan regents, though that will not be happening, despite the conference suspending Jim Harbaugh without due process.

Tony Petitti has no idea how badly he just botched his job, but here is a hint: In a meeting last week, Michigan’s regents discussed possibly leaving the Big Ten if Petitti suspended coach Jim Harbaugh without what the school considered due process, a person familiar with those discussions told Sports Illustrated.

Why it Matters

Folks, Michigan is not going to leave the Big Ten because of this fiasco, but the fact that it was even brought up by the regents just shows how upset the university is that Petitti decided to hand out a suspension without allowing things to play out.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Following the suspension of Michigan Football head coach Jim Harbaugh for the rest of the 2023 regular season by the Big Ten, the University of Michigan expressed severe dissatisfaction. In response, they announced plans to seek a temporary restraining order against the Big Ten's decision.
  2. A report by Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated revealed that the Michigan regents had discussed the possibility of leaving the Big Ten. This drastic measure was considered in the wake of perceived unfair treatment and lack of due process in the suspension of Harbaugh.
  3. Despite the discussions, Michigan ultimately will not leave the Big Ten. However, the mere consideration of such a significant move underscores the level of upset and frustration within the university over the Big Ten's handling of the situation.

Bottom Line: Michigan Will Fight For What They Believe In

The revelation that the University of Michigan's regents even entertained the idea of exiting the Big Ten highlights the depth of the rift created by the suspension of Jim Harbaugh. While an actual departure from the conference seems highly unlikely, this development is a stark indicator of the escalating tensions and dissatisfaction with the Big Ten's governance. It serves as a powerful reminder of the delicate balance required in maintaining fair and transparent disciplinary processes within major collegiate sports organizations.

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