REPORT: Top Michigan football recruit Kalen DeLoach makes final decision

According to reports, one of the Michigan Wolverines‘ top recruits has made his final decision.

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According to 247 Sports, 4-star LB Kalen DeLoach will sign with Florida State (over Michigan and Auburn) on Wednesday.

From 247 Sports:

“I’m locked in,” DeLoach said.

He went even further, confirming that he will sign with FSU on Wednesday, adding that his parents were completely on-board with his decision at this time.

The last several weeks, which saw the Michigan and Auburn staff, as well as FSU, in his living room and visiting with his parents has been difficult, but was also part of making sure he made the right decision for himself.

“It was very stressful,” DeLoach said. “But I had to sit down and look at what was best for me. For me and my future. How would I want to see myself life after football basically. I felt like this was a good place for me to do that. I’m just ready to come to Florida State.”


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Sure, the offensive line has been banged up, his receivers do not get separation, and Jim Bob Cooter could not play call his way out of a paper bag, but Stafford has also been part of the problem.

In his most recent analysis video, former 14-time Pro Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning pointed out one of Stafford’s biggest weaknesses, staring down his receivers rather than looking in other directions first.

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