Rich Eisen has 3 words to describe how Michigan Football should respond to sign-stealing allegations

Rich Eisen has 3 words to describe how Michigan Football should respond to sign-stealing allegations

Rich Eisen has 3 words to describe how Michigan Football should respond to sign-stealing allegations

Michigan Football has found itself embroiled in controversy with sign-stealing allegations, leaving fans and critics alike looking for answers. Rich Eisen, a devoted supporter of the maize and blue, recently shared his thoughts on the matter on ‘The Rich Eisen Show.' He believes that the Wolverines should respond to the situation by taking a straightforward path – beating their opponents without any unfair advantages.

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What did Rich Eisen Say?

Eisen's passionate stance stems from the suspension of Connor Stalions, who had been a central figure in the allegations. With Stalions now sidelined (albeit with pay), Michigan can clear the air and prove their prowess by outperforming their rivals on the field. Eisen's message is clear: the way through this predicament is to dominate the competition.

“But maybe I’m naive because this is the way through: beat the crap out of everybody because Connor Stalions isn’t standing on somebody else’s sideline looking like Bobby Valentine in a mustache coming back to the dugout after he got ejected,” Eisen said. “He gone, he not there anymore. And the people who he apparently personally Venmoed to shoot video for these opponents on tickets he’s apparently bought; that’s gone — root and branch.

“Purdue’s next, then Penn State at Penn State, then at Maryland, then home for Ohio State. Tar and feather all of them because there’s no asterisk, no sir! Not this year.

“And you even heard Daniel Jeremiah the other day saying not even the last couple of years either — as Aidan Hutchinson folded the tackle of the Ohio State like a folding chair multiple times. And Daniel said you don’t get that from signs.

“All of the jokes, all the recriminations — totally get it and deserved, quite frankly, if this guy’s doing what he was doing. Just beat everybody, Michigan. Then you wind up (No. 1). To all of my friends out there like, ‘How is Ohio State (No. 1)?’ Because they played people and beat them. But guess what? They gotta play Michigan, without the sign guy, sign-stealing guy as Jim McElwain calls him — how embarrassing! He won’t be there. Just beat everybody.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football's Response: Rich Eisen's perspective on how Michigan Football should respond to sign-stealing allegations is to beat their opponents fairly and unequivocally, emphasizing that the only way out of this controversy is through on-field success.
  2. Absence of Sign-Stealing Guy: With Connor Stalions suspended and sidelined, the Wolverines have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their football prowess without any alleged sign-stealing tactics. They must focus on winning games without any asterisks or excuses.
  3. Reclaiming Reputation and Excellence: By concentrating on fair play and delivering outstanding performances, Michigan Football can silence critics, regain their reputation, and aim for the top spot in college football, proving that they can excel without any unfair advantages. This season is their chance to shine and redefine their narrative.

Bottom Line: Michigan Football Should Focus on 3 Words

Michigan Football faces the challenge of responding to sign-stealing allegations and silencing their critics. Rich Eisen's advice is straightforward – win games fairly and decisively. By focusing on beating their opponents without any unfair advantages, the Wolverines can reclaim their reputation and rise to the top of college football. It's a path that doesn't involve asterisks or excuses; it simply demands excellence on the football field. “Just Beat Everybody!”