Rob Gronkowski sheds light on once rumored trade to Detroit Lions

Rob Gronkowski has always declined to comment on his rumored trade to the Detroit Lions. Until now.

The man who needs no introduction, legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski, recently sat down with Peter Schrager on his podcast “The Season,” shedding light on the rumored trade to the Detroit Lions during the 2018 offseason. An event shrouded in mystery, Gronkowski was candid about the so-called “disconnect” between himself and his then team, the New England Patriots. He revealed regret for his behavior, stating that if given a chance, he'd handle the situation differently.

Rób Gronkowski Detroit Lions

Rob Gronkowski sheds light on once rumored trade to Detroit Lions

Gronkowski reminisced about how he was unwilling to play for any other team but the Patriots, a stance that ignited a fierce standoff with head coach Bill Belichick. In his words, it was “Patriots or nothing.” Despite the tense situation, Gronkowski stayed on with the Patriots, helping them to clinch their sixth Super Bowl title with a 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

“It was kind of like mayhem a little bit,” Gronkowski said. “Maybe I handled myself a little wrong. Maybe if I could go back, I would've done it differently.”

“I was kind of being an (expletive) a little bit,” Gronkowski admitted. “Then Bill was like ‘all right, let's get this (expletive) out of here.' Then I was like ‘oh, the (expletive) ain't playing no more, though.' So I was amping it up even more, at the moment.

“I was like ‘How can you trade me? I'm retired.'” 

“I was like Patriots or nothing,” Gronkowski said. “I go ‘we got to win one more Super Bowl.”

“Business is business, football is football,” the tight end declared. “(I) still showed up, did my thing and we won the Super Bowl that year. I knew it was one of the best decisions. I was so glad I vetoed that trade.” 

Key Points

  • Back in 2018, Gronkowski was nearly traded to the Detroit Lions.
  • He had a “Patriots or nothing” stance during the trade talks.
  • Gronkowski helped the Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl title, in what was his last game with the team.

Bottom Line – A Gronk's Tale

Gronkowski's story highlights the intricate dynamics at play in the NFL's trade negotiations. His candidness about the past provides a rare insight into these high-stakes dealings, ultimately offering a more nuanced understanding of what happens behind the scenes. Despite the tension and regret, his tale ended with Super Bowl victories, further cementing his legacy in NFL history.