Rumor: Mike Babcock on verge of landing new NHL head coaching gig

According to a rumor floating around, former Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock is about to land an NHL gig.

The search for the Columbus Blue Jackets‘ new head coach has hit a delay, as reported by Aaron Portzline of The Athletic. While the team was expected to have their coaching position filled by now, it seems that something or someone is holding up the process. TSN's Darren Dreger further reveals that the someone in question is Mike Babcock, and the hold-up is related to his previous contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Mike Babcock Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings

Key Points

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets' head coaching hiring process is experiencing a delay.
  • Babcock is the rumored candidate for the coaching position.
  • The delay is due to the expiration of Babcock's contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • Columbus is likely waiting for Babcock's contract to end to avoid financial responsibilities.
  • Babcock's previous coaching experience includes successful years in Detroit and a Stanley Cup win.
  • His coaching record spans 17 seasons with Anaheim, Detroit, and Toronto.

Rumor: Mike Babcock on verge of landing new NHL head coaching gig

Babcock is anticipated to become the new head coach in Columbus, but the move is currently pending the expiration of his contract with the Maple Leafs at the end of June. It appears that the Blue Jackets are strategically waiting for the final month of Babcock's previous eight-year, $50 million contract to end, so they can avoid any financial obligations related to it. Babcock himself will receive the money owed to him, either entirely from Toronto or with the Maple Leafs covering the difference if paid partially by Columbus.

Bottom Line – A Coaching Comeback in the Making

With Mike Babcock potentially on the verge of landing the NHL head coaching gig with the Columbus Blue Jackets, the hockey world eagerly awaits the outcome of this rumored development. If Babcock does secure the position, it presents an opportunity for him to showcase his coaching prowess once again. While his time in Toronto may have had its challenges, his successful tenure in Detroit illustrates his potential for success. The Blue Jackets' decision to wait for his previous contract to expire showcases their strategic thinking and financial prudence. As fans and industry insiders watch this coaching saga unfold, the possibility of Babcock's comeback adds an intriguing element to the NHL landscape.


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