Sam LaPorta explains why he thought Dan Campbell might ‘Rip his butt right off the field’

Sam LaPorta explains why he thought Dan Campbell might 'Rip his butt right off the field'. Photo Credit: Junfu Han - USA Today

Sam LaPorta explains why he thought Dan Campbell might ‘Rip his butt right off the field'

Detroit Lions rookie tight end Sam LaPorta has quickly become a standout in the NFL in his debut season. His accolades, including a Pro Bowl selection and being named second-team All-Pro, are impressive for any player, let alone a rookie. Despite looking more like a veteran than a rookie, LaPorta is not exempt from being chewed out by head coach, Dan Campbell.

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What Did Sam LaPorta Say?

LaPorta recently shared an instance on the Rich Eisen Show where he faced criticism from Lions head coach Dan Campbell. After a less-than-stellar block that led to a defensive end making a play, Campbell expressed his frustration openly. LaPorta recalled Campbell’s fiery reaction and his clear message:

“I’ll give you a good one from the other night. One of the defensive ends had a rep on me. It wasn’t my best stuff, it was okay,” LaPorta said. “He shed the block and made the play. The first person I see, of course, is coach Campbell on the sideline. His face is cherry red and he’s yelling at me. ‘LaPorta, you’re better than that. You’re better than that.’ And I’m like, I need to be better than that or coach is gonna rip my butt off this field right now.”

“Take the coaching. He was 15 yards away from me,” Campbell said. “I could’ve been on the other side of the field and I would’ve his picked his voice out yelling at me. But just take the coaching and know that I have a lot to improve on.” 

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Sam LaPorta, despite a stellar rookie season with Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors, faced criticism from Lions head coach Dan Campbell.
  2. LaPorta shared an anecdote about a poor rep in a game that drew Campbell’s ire, underscoring the high expectations placed on him.
  3. This incident emphasizes the importance of resilience and continuous improvement, even for successful rookies in the NFL.

The Bottom Line – Lessons Beyond the Field

The interaction between Dan Campbell and Sam LaPorta goes beyond a coach reprimanding a player. It illustrates a vital aspect of professional sports – the ongoing journey of learning and adaptation. For rookies like LaPorta, such experiences are invaluable, shaping them into not just better players, but resilient professionals. As the Detroit Lions continue their journey, these lessons will be integral to their success, both on and off the field. LaPorta’s ability to embrace these moments will undoubtedly contribute to his future accomplishments in the NFL.