Sean McVay admits Jared Goff deserved better

Sean McVay admits Jared Goff deserved better.

Sean McVay admits Jared Goff deserved better

As the Los Angeles Rams prepare to face the Detroit Lions, Rams Head Coach Sean McVay offers a poignant perspective on former Rams quarterback Jared Goff‘s tenure and subsequent trade to Detroit. McVay's candid comments about Goff's growth as a player and a person, and his own role in how the trade unfolded, shed light on the oft-overlooked human element in professional sports.

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What Did McVay Say About Goff?

On Wednesday, McVay spoke to reporters and he admitted that Goff deserved better when he was traded by the Rams.

“Just growing as a person, handling every situation the way that you want to with perspective, respect, appreciation — the thing that I'll never run away from is mistakes that I've made in previous instances,” McVay said. “But, when you look back on it, the gratitude for those four years, all the good memories that we had, and then when you end up making a change that ended up being difficult. Could it have been handled better on my end? Absolutely.”

“I'll never run away from that. But the further you get away from it, the more that you try to grow as a man, as a person, as the leader that you want to become — he deserved better than the way that it all went down. I'll acknowledge that,” said McVay. “And I think he knows that, too. And you know, and I'm not afraid to admit those things. But, I think we're all better, being able to look back on those things. And I do have more appreciation for him as time goes on.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. McVay's Reflection: Rams Head Coach Sean McVay offers a reflective and respectful perspective on Jared Goff's time with the Rams and acknowledges his role in Goff's trade to Detroit.
  2. Leadership Lessons: McVay's candidness highlights the importance of leadership, accountability, and the human side of professional sports decisions.
  3. Respect and Growth: McVay expresses gratitude and respect towards Goff, indicating personal and professional growth for both, adding emotional depth to their upcoming matchup.

The Bottom Line – A Story of Growth and Respect

Sean McVay's reflections on Jared Goff's time with the Rams and the circumstances of his trade to the Detroit Lions present a multifaceted narrative. It's a story of personal and professional growth, both for Goff as a player and McVay as a coach. McVay's acknowledgment of his mistakes and his expression of gratitude and respect towards Goff mark a significant moment in their shared history.

This narrative transcends the usual coach-player dynamics, offering insights into the challenges and responsibilities of leadership in sports. As Goff prepares to face his former team, this backstory adds a layer of depth and emotion to the upcoming contest, reminding fans and players alike of the human elements that underpin the spectacle of professional sports.