Sean McVay shares thoughts on Jared Goff prior to epic Wild Card matchup

Sean McVay shares thoughts on Jared Goff prior to epic Wild Card matchup.

Sean McVay shares thoughts on Jared Goff prior to epic Wild Card matchup

As the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams gear up for their Wild Card playoff showdown, one of the key narratives centers around the quarterbacks – Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff. Goff, who was traded to the Lions in a deal that sent Stafford to the Rams, is set to face his former team in a crucial playoff match. Sean McVay, Goff's former head coach with the Rams, has shared his observations on Goff's development and current form, which adds an intriguing layer to this much-anticipated contest.

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Goff's Evolution Under Scrutiny

Sean McVay, in his recent media session, acknowledged Jared Goff's significant growth since his move to Detroit. McVay, who coached Goff for four years at the Rams, pointed out the noticeable increase in Goff's maturity level and confidence. He highlighted Goff's solid grasp of the Lions' offensive system and his ability to handle responsibilities at the line of scrimmage, including audibles.

“He played at a really high level in the four years with us. He’s just like anybody, he’s just continuing to mature,” the Rams head man said of Goff during his media session Monday. “You can see he’s got great ownership of what they’re doing. He’s got a lot of responsibility at the line of scrimmage, getting in and out of the different packages. You can see that Ben (Johnson) and Dan (Campbell) give him a lot of leeway, in terms of some of the audibles. But, he’s just a quarterback playing with a lot of confidence.”

“So, (he’s displayed) just good ownership, all the things you want to see from your quarterback. And, (I’ve) been really impressed, and I’ve been watching just because I’m a fan of this game and then obviously studying it through a different lens. And, it seems like we’ve crossed over with them (the Lions) a lot – seeing their offense – and it’s been one of the best. And, he’s leading the way.”

McVay's comments reveal not only a recognition of Goff's progress as a quarterback but also an admiration for his former player's journey since their paths diverged.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Sean McVay speaks highly of Jared Goff's maturity and development since joining the Lions.
  2. McVay notes Goff's enhanced understanding and control of the Lions' offense.
  3. Goff's growth as a quarterback is central to the Lions' success and McVay acknowledges it.

The Bottom Line – Goff's Moment of Validation

As the Lions prepare to face the Rams in the Wild Card game, Jared Goff's journey comes full circle. McVay’s acknowledgment of Goff’s maturity and leadership underscores the importance of this matchup for Goff. It’s not just about settling old scores; it’s about proving his worth as a leading quarterback in the NFL. This game is an opportunity for Goff to showcase his growth and lead the Lions in a high-stakes game that could redefine his career. For Goff, this is more than a game; it's a chance to demonstrate that his journey with the Lions has been a journey of transformation and triumph.