Sherrone Moore, Donovan Edwards address fans during Michigan basketball game [Video]

Sherrone Moore, Donovan Edwards address fans during Michigan basketball game [Video].

Sherrone Moore, Donovan Edwards speak address fans during Michigan basketball game [Video]

At Saturday's men's basketball game at the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor, a significant event unfolded, signaling a new era for Michigan Football. Newly appointed head coach Sherrone Moore and star player Donovan Edwards took center stage, addressing the crowd.

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Why it Matters

Their presence, along with other key players, symbolizes a unified front as Michigan prepares to defend its title under Moore's leadership. This moment at the basketball game wasn't just a ceremonial appearance; it was a powerful gesture of unity and commitment, as Moore steps into his role following Jim Harbaugh‘s departure to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Moore's Call to Action

Sherrone Moore expressed gratitude to Jim Harbaugh, President Santa Ono, Warde Manuel, and the Regents. Emphasized the crucial role of players in the team's success. Urged fans to make the Big House the loudest venue, promising to ‘SMASH' every opponent.

“Thank you. Appreciate it. Humbled, honored to represent this great university as your head football coach,” Moore said to the fans at the Crisler Center. “Want to thank again, first off, Coach Harbaugh. Love you. President Ono: Appreciate you, thank you, love you. Warde Manuel and the Regents.

We wouldn’t be in this position without these guys, the players. They’re the reason why we’re here and why we’ll continue to stay and keep this thing rolling. Thank you fans for all your support and making the Big House the loudest place in the country to play. And continue that this year: We’ve got eight games. We need that thing packed, loud as you can be so we can SMASH everybody, every game!

Edwards' Promise of Excellence

Donovan Edwards thanked fans for their unwavering support, expressed excitement for the upcoming season. Pledged to uphold Michigan's high standards and asked for continued fan support.

“What’s going on everybody?” Edwards said. “Appreciate your support. Let’s give another round of applause for Coach Sherrone Moore! Thank you for all y’all’s support this year. It’s gonna be a great season this upcoming year. We have the utmost great fan base, tremendous players and all we need is you guys. We’re going to uphold the standard of the University of Michigan. Let’s Go Blue!”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Sherrone Moore and Donovan Edwards addressed Michigan fans at a basketball game, marking a public embrace of the new football season.
  2. Moore emphasized fan support and player dedication, while Edwards focused on upholding Michigan's standard.
  3. Their speeches symbolize a unified team, ready to tackle challenges under Moore's guidance.
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The Bottom Line – A United Front for Michigan Football

Moore and Edwards' speeches at the basketball game serve as a rallying point for the entire Michigan community. As the Wolverines face a challenging season ahead, the team's unity, led by Moore's vision and Edwards' enthusiasm, will be pivotal. This event marks the beginning of a new journey, one where the Wolverines aim to continue their legacy of excellence with a renewed spirit under Moore's leadership.

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