Spencer Torkelson deserves apology from Major League Baseball

Spencer Torkelson deserves apology: When you watch this video, you will agree!

Spencer Torkelson deserves apology from Major League Baseball

Being a hitter in the major leagues is never a walk in the park, especially when the best pitchers are throwing a slew of enigmatic pitches your way. But the challenges become almost insurmountable when the game's referees, the umpires, continually err in their judgment. The latest victim of this string of professional blunders? Spencer Torkelson of the Detroit Tigers.

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A Wider Strike Zone for Tork?

The first baseman has repeatedly been at the receiving end of dubious decisions this season. While a pitcher’s talent can be a justifiable reason for a hitter's difficulty, umpires' incorrect calls shouldn't be adding to the challenge.

Check out this video from @CodifyBaseball showing a bunch of awful strike calls against Torkelson so far this year.

According to Aram Leighton, Torkelson has had 34 called strikes outside of the zone this year already. For reference, he had 19 calls against him during the entire 2022 season.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Spencer Torkelson, a key player for the Detroit Tigers, faces a recurring challenge: inconsistent umpire calls that affect his game.
  2. Despite facing the best pitchers in Major League Baseball, Torkelson's bigger hurdle seems to be the frequent incorrect decisions against him.
  3. These continual oversights in umpiring not only affect individual games but could potentially influence the trajectory of emerging players' careers in MLB.
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Bottom Line – A Swing, A Miss, and Not Always the Player's Fault

The beauty of baseball lies in its unpredictability. A swing and a miss can be a result of many factors – a great pitch, a momentary lapse, or just sheer bad luck. But when it's due to a glaring oversight from those meant to uphold the game's fairness, it leaves a sour taste. Spencer Torkelson might be a shining star for the Detroit Tigers, but even stars can be eclipsed by shadows not of their making.

Major League Baseball owes it to its players, fans, and the game itself to ensure that its umpires are as top-notch as the athletes on the field. And yes, perhaps starting with a heartfelt apology to Torkelson wouldn't be amiss. (Obviously, that apology will never happen)