Sportsbook director gives hypothetical odds on which team will sign Colin Kaepernick

Saturday is a huge day for Colin Kaepernick as he will take part in a private workout which will reportedly be seen in person by at least 24 NFL teams.

Kaepernick, who is 32 years old, has been out of the NFL for nearly three full years and it seems like the odds are stacked against him to make a comeback.

That being said, the former San Francisco 49ers QB will have his shot and it only takes one team to think it is worth it to sign him.

According to, you can get 7/2 odds (+350) if you think Kaepernick will sign with any NFL team before the end of the 2019-2020 regular season.

Colin Kaepernick

Though Bovada does not have odds for specific teams, DraftKings Director of Sportsbook Johnny Avello has posted the following hypothetical odds of Kaepernick signing with a specific team. As you can see, the Cincinnati Bengals are Avello's hypothetical favorite to sign Kaepernick with 7-1 odds.

The Detroit Lions, who were listed as the favorite according to Sports Betting Dimes, are 28-1 to land Kaepernick according to Avello.

  • Bengals 7-1
  • Bills 10-1
  • Colts 12-1
  • Steelers 14-1
  • Bears 18-1
  • Buccaneers 20-1
  • Texans 22-1
  • Raiders 25-1
  • Lions 28-1
  • Panthers 30-1
  • Broncos 35-1
  • Cardinals 45-1
  • Jets 50-1
  • 49ers 60-1
  • Cowboys 70-1
  • Patriots 75-1

Nation, do you think Kaepernick will sign with an NFL team? If so, who will he sign with?