The Detroit Lions 2022 Superlatives Pt.3: People’s Champ & Lion King Awards

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The Detroit Lions 2022 Superlatives Pt.3: Where’s Ricky?

A.J. Reilly: Let’s go to the People’s champ. I’m gonna give you this explanation that, yeah, 

Eric Vincent: So this isn’t, uh, this is really like the fan favorite, and they may not have started out as that, but by the end of the season, this is who the fans really seemed to like. They took you into their soul and took their heart as fans and supporting and giving them their stamp of approval.

And I think this is a. This could have gone a lot of different ways, but I’m pretty confident in my picking this one. 

A.J. Reilly: Ain’t it just like the class clown to show up late. Oh, that’s unbelievable. Where have you been? We’ve already passed your award Ricky. We named an award after you, Ricky, and you missed it. But, unbelievable.

The People’s Champ Award

It is what it is. So Kevin actually agrees with you. Okay. And my people’s champ is Jamaal Williams. Why did you say Jared Goff is the People’s Champ this year? Because I didn’t know 

Eric Vincent: how much love Jared Goff really had from Detroit Lions fans. I didn’t realize, like, listen, we put out a lot of conversation about.

Who could replace him with other people? They could train for him. I put out the piece about getting Lamar Jackson. Yeah. I didn’t see this much support for Jared Goff until I put that article out and see the kind of love that this man was getting. Does he deserve it? Yes. He had a very good season to play, like a top 10 quarterback.

I have no hate on Jared Goff, and I’m proud, and I’m expecting him to come back next season as a starter.

A.J. Reilly: Oh, he’s back next season. If he’s not back next season. There’s something, I didn’t know how the love extended out this season, 

Eric Vincent: So it has to be gone from what we saw this season.

A.J. Reilly: Okay. And that’s fair.

And you know, whatever. I will not say that. . Yeah. You almost picked him, didn’t you? Not for this one. Okay, okay. Okay. I almost picked him for the next one by default. Okay, gotcha. Um, which we’ll get to the next one, but my people’s champions, I, I think this was the easiest. Jamaal Williams. Yeah. Like you cannot watch an interview with Jamaal Williams.

You cannot watch him playing catch with people before a game. Or doing his little dance after a touchdown. The thrust, listening to his intro on Sunday night, football, being the village leader of the something, something, I don’t know, anime, but. Jamaal’s gotta be the people’s champ.

Okay? Because like, listen, I loved him last year. He’s like my favorite Detroit Lions and he may not even be coming back next year, right? But I love this dude. Like to go from when I lost my grandfather. This win was for him. I am dedicated to him. But don’t let the fu the tears fool you. We got, there’s a dog in this place, right?

Like, I love that guy. He’s the people’s champ. He has won me over. I think Ricky’s right, that Jamo is gonna be the people’s champ next year, and, and rightfully so, is probably the people’s champ this year with how much people love him as well. You know, we talked about him last week a little bit, and I, I think that, you know, he definitely has a chance to make a huge impact.

It, I just wanna see the personality a little bit. Mm. Yeah. Did you have something or are we going?  

Eric Vincent: No, no, no, no, no, no. Hold on. No, no. I was gonna bring it down. I was gonna bring it up the Jamo thing, but it’s okay. We’ll get, yeah.

A.J. Reilly: Let’s not bring it up. This is all positivity, man. This is all positivity. Like, I appreciate your pick of Jared Goff is spot on, right?

Like he is the people’s champ on here that like, people legitimately love him more than Matthew Stafford

Eric Vincent: which, like, you could really make that argument. I’m mad at that point. 

A.J. Reilly: They do, like, you cannot read anything negative about Jared Goff and everybody was ready to push Matthew Stafford out of the town, which, yes.

Okay. Whatever. On a talent basis. I don’t think they’re even in the same tier. Mm-hmm. , but, but like, this is uncharted territory. I think Detroit Lions fans actually appreciate the quarterback. Then it’s the quarterback of their team . So, okay. Like, he’s the people’s champ. Let’s move. I feel like I need like the Lion King theme song playing right now.

The Lion King Award (MVP)

Detroit lions superlatives lion king award ben johnson jamaal williams

But I can’t. Right? Yeah. Like copyright purposes,right. Lion King. This is the MVP of the Detroit Lions. Our last award for 2022. Who is the Lions MVP this season? I wanna see some of the comments for, I wanna see some comments too. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah, I’m, I’m very interested to see a lot of these could have gone a whole lot of different ways.

A.J. Reilly: This one could have gone either and I, I have a little caveat that I will throw out there as well. Okay. Um, I would have put Jared Goff here. Okay. And I almost did. Mm-hmm. me too, because legitimately he could be seen as the Lion’s MVP this season, but my guy, I think was a little bit more integral.

Okay. Mm-hmm. the old line. Great choice for the mvp. A hundred percent. Fred says Goff. Which I also think, like I just said, for sure, yes, I’ve hated the guy. I’ve been very critical of the guy. I will probably continue to be critical of the guy because I don’t think that they get to that next level with him.

Mm-hmm. . However, I have somebody else for MVP and I know you do too. 

Eric Vincent: You ready? Matt had a really good one too. Brad Holmes. That’s a good choice. Oh yeah, that’s a great choice. 

A.J. Reilly: Yeah, mine is, uh, yeah, let’s go to  it.

Eric Vincent: Mine is, uh, it’s gotta be Ben Johnson. Man. It’s gotta be, I tried to pick a, I tried to pick Goff, but his road games made me mad.

Almost picked Jamaal Williams, but then the Dallas game came up to buy it and there was some other, you know, moments where he was kind of quiet. It’s gotta be mid jobs to the way he was able to keep the glue of this offense together. Um, I feel like they, the offense had to be the piece that carried, not carried, but they had to be the leaning point for the Detroit Lions in order to get to the nine and eight record that they got to.

And he was a big point of a lot of that. Like there was a lot of questions. Who’s the mastermind behind it? Clearly it was Ben Johnson on the clipboard and a lot of the play colleagues. Uh, we’re gonna talk about him in a little bit and our next segment as well. Um, but yeah, it’s it for me. The MVP. Gotta go to Ben Johnson.

A.J. Reilly: I feel like you have an ulterior motive. 

Eric Vincent: Maybe, maybe some agenda behind it. Baby, you’re like, I’m giving you this award.

A.J. Reilly: Please don’t leave us after one year.

Eric Vincent: Yeah, please, please, man. 

A.J. Reilly: Let this sweeten the deal. I don’t have any money to give you and I can’t guarantee a contract, but I can give you a superlative.

Dang it. Please don’t leave us all. God bro, the love of God. Please do not leave us. I know, I know the angle you’re working and it’s cool. I’m here for it. But I had a double up on Jamaal. Okay. I gave him, you know, the People’s Choice Award or the, you know, whatever the last one was. I forget off the top of my head.

Can you talk about a thousand yard rusher that the Detroit Lions have not had since 2013? And you talk about a guy that broke the single season. Touchdown record of the great one, the greatest running back. Who has ever lived Barry Sanders? Facts. Facts. I don’t think you can MVP anybody else. Now I will again caveat and say Jared Goff for sure has an argument.

There’s no doubt about that. I’m not, I would not be mad. He was my second choice. But when I weighed the two out, I went, I gotta give it to Jamaal. Jamaal has gotta be the MVP of this team because number one, he was the number two running back, going into camp. Mm-hmm. . And then D’Andre Swift, your dynamic running back goes down.

And who carried the load? Jamaal Williams. Yep. Did he have a few bag games? Yeah. But the entire team had a few bag games. I’m true. Goff wasn’t great against New England. Goff wasn’t great against the Jets, right? Mm-hmm. the offensive line struggled against Carolina for the most part, but Jamaal Williams was pretty consistent.

And for him to be able to get into the end zone 17 times and rack up a thousand yards rushing, that’s significant. And I don’t think that that should be overlooked. So Jamaal Williams, you are a free agent, but I hope that you are back at least for another year or two, possibly, because you are. This team’s MVP, you are their leader.

Emotionally, you are their leader statistically running the ball. I don’t think there’s anybody else that you can give it to. I really don’t. But yours is a good call too. Like Ben Johnson is phenomenal and that’s gonna do it. Those are the superlatives for 2022, the Detroit Lion.

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