Tom Izzo reveals how he will retire as Michigan State’s head basketball coach

Tom Izzo reveals how he will retire as Michigan State's head basketball coach.

Tom Izzo reveals how he will retire as Michigan State's head basketball coach

In the world of college basketball, Tom Izzo, the legendary coach of Michigan State basketball, has been a stalwart of success and longevity. Recently, in a candid conversation with CBS Sports' Matt Norlander, Izzo delved into his thoughts about the future, particularly his approach to retirement.

Tom Izzo 'suiting up' Tom Izzo reveals how he will retire

Tom Izzo's Stance on Retirement

At 68, Izzo is aware that retirement is a topic of discussion, especially with his team's performance wavering this season. However, he remains committed to Michigan State, at least for another season, driven by a mix of determination and a desire to contribute more. His approach to the eventual end of his career is markedly different from that of Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, who had a widely publicized farewell tour. Izzo intends to follow a path more akin to Nick Saban and former Villanova coach Jay Wright, where the end would be abrupt.

“I'm too stubborn to even think about doing it in the near future because I almost want to fight the system,” Tom Izzo said, per CBS Sports. “And the system might get me. The system may get me. But the system may not get me, either.”

“I've never thought of what exactly I'll do. I know what I won't do,” Izzo said. “(Former Michigan State coach Jud Heathcote) had a farewell tour. (Krzyzewski) did. I have a lot of respect for those guys. I'm sure I'll be more in the (former Villanova coach) Jay Wright and Nick (Saban) way of doing it. When it's over, it's over and I'm walking away. But I've got a good recruiting class, I've got an opportunity to coach my former player's son, which I'm really looking forward to — (Jase) Richardson — I'm in a good place in every part for me, except the frustration of the day-to-day, never knowing where you are, you know? That's hard.” 

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Reflecting on Legacy and Future

Tom Izzo’s perspective on his career and retirement reflects a broader narrative in college basketball about legacy and the changing times. His decision to eschew a grand farewell tour in favor of a more understated departure speaks to his personality and coaching philosophy. It’s a testament to his dedication to the game and his desire to focus on the present and future of Michigan State basketball rather than the fanfare of a prolonged goodbye.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Izzo's Future Considerations: While retirement looms, Izzo remains committed to coaching Michigan State for at least another season.
  2. A Contrast in Departure Styles: Izzo plans a departure in the style of Nick Saban, avoiding a farewell tour like Mike Krzyzewski.
  3. Continued Passion for Coaching: Despite the challenges, Izzo is excited about the future, including coaching Jase Richardson, which signifies his ongoing commitment to Michigan State.
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The Bottom Line – The Spartan Way of Signing Off

Tom Izzo's contemplated exit strategy from Michigan State is as unique as his illustrious coaching career. His choice to step away quietly, without the pomp and circumstance of a farewell tour, is a reflection of his straightforward, no-nonsense approach to the game. Izzo's commitment to Michigan State remains unwavering as he continues to shape the future of the program. When the time comes, his departure will be swift, marking the end of an era in Spartan basketball, but his impact and legacy will undoubtedly endure in the annals of college sports history.