Top 5 Esports Scholarships for Gamers

Are you a passionate gamer with dreams of pursuing higher education in gaming? The good news is that you can now turn your love for esports into a scholarship opportunity. 

In this blog post, will take you through the top 10 esports scholarships available to gamers like you.

What are Esports Scholarships?

Esports is a fastly expanding competitive video gaming industry. Many years back, video gaming was just a hobby, time pass, but now you can earn a lot of money by participating in different regional and international tournaments. 

Besides, you can get eSports scholarships. These are financial aid packages that various colleges and universities offer to students who excel in competitive games. Hence, you pay your educational expenses in exchange for playing eSports for your institute. 

Top 5 Esports Scholarships for Gaming Enthusiasts

Are you curious to know about the possible scholarships you can get? Here you go, then.

  1. EVO College Scholarship

The EVO college scholarship for gamers is a unique opportunity for talented and dedicated students to fulfill their gaming dreams. They get an annual scholarship of $10 000 in collaboration with a leading institute for the study and practice of game design, the NYU Game Center. 

The scholarship is for you if you are a high school senior or an undergrad student in the U.S. Read its selection criteria, and apply if you are eligible.

  1. AIAS Foundation Scholarship

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) Foundation Scholarships is for U.S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs. So, if you are an aspiring gamer and want a career in video games, try your luck here! 

  1. Washington State Scholastic Esports Championship Scholarship

The High School. GG and Washington State Scholastic Esports Association (WSSEA) announce the scholarship. You have to compete in Smash, Rocket League, Valorant, Cosplay, videography, photography, and many other esports-related events to get it. 

Moreover, the scholarship is for private or public middle and high school students in Washington or Oregon. 

  1. RMU League of Legends Scholarship Program

Robert Morris University (RMU) provides a League of Legends Scholarship to highly qualified gamers. To avail of the scholarship, you must win the famous eSports game in the College Star League. 

Besides, the scholarship covers 50% of your tuition, room, and board fee. 

  1. WomenIn Scholarship 

If you are a female and want to pursue a career in video gaming, the WomenIn Scholarship is for you! 

You must be an undergrad or grad student of an accredited college or university or an early professional from the U.S. If you meet the requirements, you must apply for the scholarship.

Tips to Get the Scholarships

Here are some of the tips that will help you in getting scholarships.

  • Learn about the recruitment process of the eSport team you are interested in. 
  • Take part in every eSports your college offers and show the team your gaming skills. 
  • Contact your college or university eSports coaches to show your seriousness towards the game. 

Wrapping It Up 

Esports is relatively new as compared to traditional sports. Many universities and colleges offer scholarships based on physical sports, but now you can avail eSports scholarships too. For that, you must be a pro gamer and fulfill the scholarship eligibility criteria.