Trinity Benson suffers potentially serious injury at Detroit Lions training camp

According to multiple reports, Detroit Lions wide receiver Trinity Benson was down in obvious pain.

According to multiple reports, Detroit Lions wide receiver Trinity Benson has suffered a potentially serious injury at training camp. Just moments ago, Kyle Meinke of MLive tweeted that Benson went down with a non-contact injury, which is never something you want to hear. Justin Rogers of the Detroit News added that Benson, who has been quietly having a good camp, went down and was in obvious pain.

Trinity Benson

Why it Matters for Trinity Benson

The 26-year-old wide receiver, Benson, had successfully rebounded from the knee injury that abruptly ended his 2022 season. Heading into training camp, he was poised to vie for a position on Detroit's roster. Our fingers are crossed that this injury is nothing serious, similar to how things played out with C.J. Gardner-Johnson earlier in camp.

Benson Cannot Catch a Break

If you recall, the Lions acquired Benson via a trade with the Denver Broncos at the start of the 2021 season. At that time, Brad Holmes sent fifth and seventh-round picks to the Broncos in exchange for Benson and a sixth-round pick. Despite being part of the Detroit team in the 2021 season, Benson's contribution remained rather limited. He was active in just eight games, during which he managed a modest 10 receptions for a total of 103 yards.

Prior to the start of the 2022 season, the Lions waived Benson, but he was not done yet as he was re-signed by the Broncos. Then, on November 9 of 2022, the Lions brought Benson back once again, but just nine days later he was placed on injured reserve with a knee injury.

Key Points

  1. Trinity Benson has made a successful recovery from the knee injury that prematurely ended his 2022 season and is now competing for a spot on Detroit's roster in the upcoming preseason.
  2. Despite being active in the 2021 season for eight games, Benson's contribution remained limited, catching only 10 passes for a total of 103 yards.
  3. Although Benson has displayed commendable performance in the training camp, his chances of making the initial 53-man roster still appear to be a long shot.

Bottom Line: An Uphill Battle to Make the Team

Trinity Benson has made a promising recovery from the knee injury he suffered last season, reigniting his ambition to compete for a spot on Detroit's roster this preseason. However, reflecting on his past performance, along with this latest injury, serves as a stark reminder of the challenges he faces. Despite showing a solid performance so far in training camp, Benson's prospects of making it into the initial 53-man roster seem like a long shot. Let's just hope his injury is nothing serious so that he has a chance to prove himself.