True Detroit Lions fans will always root for a win on Thanksgiving

Earlier today, my fellow DSN writer Michael Whitaker published a piece explaining why Detroit Lions fans who want change should root for the Chicago Bears to win on Thanksgiving Day.

Detroit Lions fans desiring change ought to root for the Chicago Bears today

But with all due respect for Michael, my heart will let me root against the Lions on Thanksgiving Day and it sure as heck would never allow me to root for the hated Chicago Bears.

Sure, I want change in the Lions organization as I don’t believe Bob Quinn has come through in his four years as a general manager. And I understand that if the Lions lose, they would likely end up with a higher pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

I also believe that if enough Lions fans boycotted  the team by not going to Ford Field today the the Ford family would absolutely notice. It’s not about the money, as they tickets have already been bought, but it’s about making a statement on national television that we are sick and tired of underachieving and being loyal you GMs and coaches who have not earned it.

But this is Thanksgiving and I would not be a good fan (or father) if I openly rooted for the Chicago Bears to beat the Detroit Lions on one of my favorite days of the year.

Instead, I will have my television on and myself and my family will break bread as we root for our team to pick up a Thanksgiving win over the Bears.

Happy Thanksgiving!